Drinks With Electrolytes: Do They Really Work?

Did you recognize you would be experiencing dehydration in your day-to-day life with out realizing it? Every day, electrolytes go away your physique via sweat and urine. In most instances, water alone is inadequate to maintain your electrolytes replenished and preserve you adequately hydrated. 

That’s the place electrolyte-enhanced drinks come into play. The quantity of electrolytes that you simply lose ought to equal the quantity you devour; it’s a basic math equation! When one thing upsets this stability, you grow to be dehydrated. Signs of inadequate electrolytes in your system embody fatigue, complications, or a basic lack of focus.

Electrolyte-infused drinks are an efficient, low-calorie technique to replenish electrolytes and enhance your on a regular basis wellness. Incorporating these drinks into your each day wellness routine has many advantages that we’ll get into later. In the meantime, these are examples of when your physique might have a lift of electrolytes:

  • The begin of your day
  • Pre/post-workout 
  • Late afternoon haze
  • After a late night time of ingesting
  • Recovering from illness 
  • Spending time within the warmth

Our pledge is to create merchandise that use premium and natural elements and are scientifically confirmed to be efficient. Our Daily Electrolyte Mix supplies optimum hydration with plant-based, premium electrolytes together with potassium and glucose from natural coconut water and sodium from premium pink Himalayan salt.

What are Electrolytes?

Electrolytes are precisely what they sound likethey’re electrical! Specifically, electrolytes are minerals that carry {an electrical} cost. Electrolytes spark cell operate all through the physique and are very important to your well being and survival. They help hydration and assist the physique create power; which is why electrolyte drinks are most useful whenever you’re feeling weak. 

Electrolytes are additionally accountable for stimulating muscle contractions, together with those who preserve your coronary heart beating—fairly necessary when you ask us! Some of a very powerful functions of electrolytes embody: 

  • Regulating your blood strain
  • Controlling your fluid stability
  • Balancing your physique’s acid/base (pH) stage
  • Transferring vitamins into your cells & waste out of your cells
  • Ensuring that your nerves, muscle groups, coronary heart, and mind work the best way they need to.

Most types of bottled water and faucet water include hint quantities of electrolytes similar to sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. However, the amount of those hint electrolytes is so low that bottled water and faucet water don’t have any dietary worth. Electrolytes might be discovered within the meals you eat, too! But once more, these sources of electrolytes might be inadequate to keep up correct hydration and power ranges. 

Most electrolyte-enhanced drinks have negligible quantities of electrolytes. Looking intently, you’ll see that these drinks word that they embody “electrolytes for style.” This is as a result of the tiny quantities of electrolytes in these drinks don’t have any useful advantages. 

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Thankfully, our merchandise are particularly designed to help with hydration and mineral alternative and include completely balanced electrolytes. 

When Water Isn’t Enough

Water is rarely sufficient by itself as a result of it doesn’t replenish important electrolytes.  Electrolyte drinks are really useful over plain water to interchange fluids and electrolytes, particularly when you are inclined to sweat quite a bit, train longer than one hour, or dwell in a sizzling setting. People who’re in danger for dehydration, like folks with a excessive fever or who’re experiencing diarrhea and/or vomiting, may also profit from ingesting electrolyte drinks.

When you get dehydrated, you lose electrolytes. Symptoms of dehydration embody dark-colored urine, excessive thirst, fatigue, dizziness, confusion, and rare urination. 

Electrolyte drinks are an effective way so that you can rapidly substitute electrolytes that you simply misplaced throughout excessive exercise. The plant-based electrolytes in our merchandise make it easier to rebalance and hydrate extra successfully than water alone. There are instances when your physique could also be determined for electrolyte drinks that can assist you rehydrate and replenish your electrolytes:

  • Being within the warmth
  • Doing an intense exercise
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol

Benefits of Electrolyte Drinks

Let’s break down the precise advantages and functions of incorporating electrolyte drinks into your on a regular basis life. 

Everyday Hydration and Wellness

For some, it may be a tough activity to drink the required quantity of water that’s required to replenish electrolytes. Many folks neglect to hydrate all through the day due to busy schedules and packed to-do lists. 

That’s why it’s a useful and proactive step to include electrolyte-enhanced drinks into your each day routine to keep away from dehydration. 

Other folks wrestle to drink sufficient water and replenish their electrolytes as a result of they merely don’t benefit from the bland taste of water and like to drink drinks similar to juice, tea, or carbonated soda. We agree—why not make hydration enjoyable? That’s why we provide enjoyable flavors of our each day electrolyte combine similar to berry pomegranate, lemon, watermelon, grapefruit, and ginger turmeric

With a scarcity of electrolytes in your system, you might be experiencing fatigue, complications, and a scarcity of focus. 

On the flip aspect, incorporating an elevated quantity of electrolytes into your each day wellness routine can present well being advantages similar to clear/glowy pores and skin, enhance in power, and even help in weight reduction. Let’s talk about these advantages!

Clears Skin

Hydration may give your pores and skin a “glowing” complexion. In addition, it helps the physique to flush out toxins and cultivates more healthy pores and skin. Hydration and ample quantities of electrolytes can improve blood circulation to the pores and skin which supplies it a extra even tone.

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Boosts Energy

Dehydration may cause fatigue as a result of it impacts the circulation of oxygen to the mind, inflicting you to really feel drained and fewer alert. When you keep hydrated you keep energized. Even a gentle case of dehydration can drain your power and make you drained.

Assists Weight Loss

Hydration retains your bowels transferring, aids in digestion, and may forestall/relieve constipation. Additionally, water is a pure urge for food suppressant. Drinking extra water helps take up house within the abdomen, resulting in a sense of fullness and decreasing starvation. 

In some instances, you might suppose that you simply’re hungry when in actuality you’re simply thirsty. Drinking water earlier than consuming a snack could assist restrict pointless consuming.

Helps You During and After Workouts

If you train in sizzling climate, sweat quite a bit, or have interaction in an intense exercise, you would possibly profit from consuming electrolyte drinks earlier than, throughout, and after your exercise. 

Here’s the deal: Electrolytes, sodium specifically, (the ingredient that makes your sweat style so salty) carry out a vital position within the regulation of your physique’s water stability throughout train. On common, you lose round one gram of sodium with each liter of sweat. If you’d wish to see how a lot water weight you lose after a exercise, it will be a good suggestion to weigh your self earlier than and after exercising. This will help you identify how a lot sodium you’ll have to replenish your physique with. 

Failing to devour ample quantities of electrolytes can upset the stability of electrolytes in your bloodstream, and oftentimes, water is inadequate in engaging in this.

Therefore, conserving your electrolytes balanced is vital for each efficiency and well being. Have you ever observed in a marathon (or comparable endurance occasions) there are volunteers at drink stations providing electrolyte-infused drinks each 1 mile or so? That’s the explanation they try this!

When the electrolytes in your physique dip too low, you possibly can develop:

  • Dizziness
  • Cramps
  • Disorientation
  • Irregular heartbeat

The commonest signal of low electrolytes throughout a exercise (or any type of train) is muscle cramping, which might be debilitating and excruciating. It might be extraordinarily useful to drink electrolyte drinks earlier than, throughout, and after your exercise so as to keep away from these signs. 

Helps You Recover from Sickness

When you expertise diarrhea and vomiting, your physique is much more vulnerable to dehydration, particularly in younger youngsters. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends ingesting electrolyte-enhanced drinks on the first indicators of sickness to stop dehydration. Although electrolyte drinks are a superb preventative measure and may velocity up restoration, they might not be ample for treating extreme dehydration. 

Helps You Recover from Hangover

For lots of people, an evening of ingesting may end up in a depressing subsequent morning. The dreaded signs of a hangover can embody fatigue, vertigo, weak spot, thirst, headache, muscle aches, abdomen ache, nausea, vomiting, vertigo, sensitivity to gentle and sound, nervousness, or sweating. 

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Electrolyte-enhanced drinks are extraordinarily efficient on the subject of rushing up the restoration technique of a hangover. It helps your physique replenish the much-needed electrolytes that may assist relieve weak spot, thirst, nausea, or headache. 

If you spend the night time partying a little bit too arduous, sipping an electrolyte-packed drink the following morning is the factor to do. It replenishes your physique with fluid and much-needed electrolytes can solely assist your signs enhance. 

Cure Hydration vs. Other Sports Drinks

Although electrolyte drinks are efficient in conserving you hydrated, you will need to be cautious of which electrolyte drinks you’re consuming. For instance, lots of the fluorescent-colored sports activities drinks you see on the cabinets on the grocery retailer are excessive in added sugars like cane sugar or dextrose and stuffed with synthetic flavoring and artificial minerals like Potassium Citrate or Sodium Citrate. These drinks are usually not wholesome in massive quantities and are not recommended for infants and younger youngsters, as they could worsen signs similar to diarrhea.

Our merchandise, alternatively, have been formulated for efficient hydration with out all of the junk. 

Cure has 4x the electrolytes of main sports activities drinks and is made with actual elements like natural coconut water, pink Himalayan salt, and lemon juice. Our merchandise have no added sugar or something synthetic – simply the elements your physique wants for optimum each day hydration. 

Our pledge is to create merchandise which might be as clear and as minimally processed as attainable and which might be scientifically confirmed to be efficient.

The Main Thing

Yes, electrolyte-infused drinks work! They are enhanced with minerals your physique must operate optimally, similar to sodium and potassium. They are an efficient, low-calorie technique to replenish electrolytes and enhance your on a regular basis well being. 

Our merchandise specifically have zero added sugar and 0 synthetic sweeteners. In addition, we’re decrease in energy and decrease in sugar than different main manufacturers! Electrolyte-enhanced drinks are most useful to your physique throughout extended durations of bodily excretion, in sizzling environments, or when you’re not feeling the most effective general. 


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