The Dangers of Chronic Dehydration

It’s easy: people cannot survive with out water. At least now not than roughly three days. However, as many as 75 p.c of Americans are dehydrated proper now. That most likely consists of you. How is that potential? 

The human physique can nonetheless operate even when it would not have sufficient water, nevertheless it would not operate at its greatest. The physique is powerful and may persevere by many challenges in life, however retaining your well being in test ought to at all times be a precedence. Don’t take it without any consideration! The risks of being chronically dehydrated are too large to disregard.

So when you’re questioning in case your lack of water is perhaps inflicting points, it most likely is when you aren’t getting sufficient water day-after-day. Naturally, it’s essential to double test together with your physician when you’re experiencing constant signs, so use this as steerage versus absolute solutions to your issues. Here are some indicators that your issues could also be brought on by dehydration. 


Feeling sluggish and sleepy the entire time? When you train, it’s regular to really feel exhausted afterwards, however in the end train ought to make you’re feeling extra energetic and refreshed. 

If you aren’t getting sufficient water, your physique can’t recuperate from the fluids misplaced by your sweat. You can’t anticipate your physique to really feel at its greatest when it’s disadvantaged of one thing it not solely must operate, however is what it’s principally manufactured from. The mind alone is manufactured from approximately 70 percent of water, so feeling consistently drained while you don’t have sufficient water shouldn’t be stunning. 

Worse, fixed fatigue could make you miss essential deadlines, make you forgetful about staple items like switching the laundry or choosing up the youngsters from college, and never being as alert to hazard and making careless errors consequently. We all make errors, but when your fatigue is making you drop the ball the entire time, it’s time to judge what is perhaps occurring. 


Headaches will be brought on by a variety of issues, however do you know that considered one of them is a scarcity of water within the physique? If your head has a uninteresting and achy ache, it could possibly be its approach of begging you to drink extra water. Before you attain for the ache killers, choose up a glass of water and see if the ache subsides after you let your physique have a bit of additional H20. 

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Nausea and Vomiting

If you at all times really feel sick to your abdomen, particularly after bodily exercise, it might imply you’re dehydrated. If you vomit steadily due to the fixed nausea, then your physique will proceed to lose fluids. So not solely can nausea and vomiting be a results of dehydration, it might probably make it a lot worse with out correct intervention. 

This doesn’t imply it is best to chug as a lot water as potential instantly. If your abdomen is rumbling in an disagreeable approach, you don’t need to irritate it additional. Instead, persistently sip on fluids all through the day as a gentle stream versus a vicious waterfall. As issues enhance, add extra fluids and stick with it in your day by day routine.  

Kidney Stones

If you’ve got ever gotten into an argument over what’s the most painful factor to expertise in your life, you are assured to listen to about childbirth. But childbirth might have a worthy rival, and it is kidney stones

Kidney stones can occur when there is not sufficient water to filter out oxalates, uric acid, or calcium within the urine and type crystals. They follow the partitions of your kidneys and should by no means trigger a difficulty. The downside is after they do, you’ll be satisfied one thing extra severe is going on. 

Extreme, persistent discomfort in a single aspect of the again or stomach, nausea, vomiting, and an incapacity to correctly urinate are the staple indicators of a kidney stone. These are brought on by a tiny stone getting caught in your ureter on its approach out of your physique. In excessive circumstances, surgical procedure is required to interrupt up greater stones that can’t go on their very own. Long story quick, kidney stones are painful and costly to expertise. 

Besides ensuring you keep hydrated, you also needs to be conscious of what shade your pee appears like. It ought to be a pale yellow shade or as near clear as potential. If your urine is darkish, that may imply you don’t have sufficient water to filter out the issues that have to exit your physique. That’s the place the kidney stones come into play. Those minerals should go someplace, and we will guarantee you that you simply don’t need them to remain inside your physique.

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How to Prevent Chronic Dehydration

This is the half you actually got here for, proper? It’s not sufficient to go on and on concerning the risks of dehydration with no answer. Here are just a few methods to fight continual dehydration so that you could reside your greatest life. 

Drink More Water

For these of you who don’t meet the minimal requirement of day by day water consumption, that is the primary and most simple step. For adults, this implies at the least eight cups of water a day, particularly ingesting sufficient earlier than and after figuring out or doing the rest that causes you to sweat.

If you will have a behavior of ingesting sugary drinks, this can be inflicting a part of your dehydration to start with. It is perhaps a good suggestion to cease ingesting sugary sports activities drinks and change them with one thing like Cure merchandise as an alternative. If that doesn’t do the trick, it might be essential to drink just a few extra cups a day to see if that makes a distinction. If not, we now have just a few different options. 

Cut Down on Salty Foods

One approach you might be counteracting your entire efforts to drink extra water is by consuming too many meals that don’t help hydration. Fruits and greens each have excessive contents of water, which aids in supporting your physique’s general hydration ranges. But when you’re one to go for chips or cheese as a snack, the shortage of water and abundance of salt could possibly be counteracting the advantages of ingesting extra water to start with. 

Any snack sparsely is okay, however fastidiously have a look at the serving dimension to ensure what you’ve been consuming is on par with moderation within the first place. 

Watch Your Alcohol Intake

We’re going to be preachy about consuming issues sparsely once more, however when you’re going to take pleasure in a day by day glass of wine, it is advisable additionally take pleasure in a weight loss plan wealthy with water and meals with a excessive content material of water. Just as a result of wine is partially made out of grapes doesn’t imply it might probably change the vitamins in an everyday bunch of grapes. Sorry, nevertheless it’s sadly the reality. 

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Choose an Oral Electrolyte Solution

That’s a mouthful to say, proper? If you’re unfamiliar with what an oral electrolyte answer is, which can also be known as an oral rehydration answer, it’s a drink that’s outstandingly efficient in rehydrating somebody with non-severe ranges of dehydration. They can come pre-made in bottles or as a drink combine so as to add to water.  

If you’re unfamiliar with what electrolytes do, they’re simply as essential to the physique as common water. They help nervous and muscular system functioning and preserve your physique’s pH ranges balanced so that you could, effectively, exist. If you don’t have sufficient of them, water can solely accomplish that a lot that will help you. 

The downside with a variety of fashionable electrolyte options is that they will have components that aren’t the most effective for you. Maybe even some components that make ingesting it pointless, comparable to sugary or unnatural contents. Or it has added flavors that come from questionable origins or aren’t actually labeled. 

Pursue a formulation that’s made with you in thoughts. We’re speaking about pure components that don’t depart you questioning what you’re placing in your physique. That’s why Cure was created.  

Defeat Dehydration by Choosing Cure

Cure exists due to one individual’s have to discover a strong answer to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance with out sacrificing premium components and scientifically-proven outcomes. 

Here at Cure, we imagine that correct hydration is the inspiration of well being and an efficient technique to increase your general well being. With clear components, science-backed merchandise, and water – our hydration merchandise will assist empower you to reside a more healthy life. 

We exist to empower others to reside higher and more healthy lives with clear and efficient merchandise. 

We have a mission to at all times put you in thoughts. If there’s a greater technique to do issues, then we’ll do it. Most of all, we need to be reliable and clear with our prospects, and we reside by these guarantees to you. 

Happy, Healthy Hydration with yours really, Cure Hydration. 


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