Refined vs. Unrefined Salt: Which Is Better?

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  • What Is Refined Salt?
  • What Is Unrefined Salt?
  • Which One is the Better Choice?
  • But Isn’t All Salt Bad for You?
  • Why Is Salt So Important?
  • Is There Such Thing as Too Much Salt After All?

Salt looks as if it’s in every little thing. Despite that, we’re advised to keep away from it in any respect prices or a minimum of reduce down on it at each given alternative. But at Cure, Pink Himalayan salt is likely one of the three predominant elements we embrace in our merchandise. On function.

That might sound rebellious of us to do. Salt? For hydration? We promise it’s truly for an incredible purpose. Still, to grasp why we select pink Himalayan salt over common desk salt, you’ll want to grasp the variations between refined and unrefined salt.

Plus, why is one in the end a greater ingredient than the opposite? If you don’t already know the reply, we’ll be comfortable to reply it for you!

What Is Refined Salt?

Refined salt is the standard desk salt you purchase on the retailer. It can solely be discovered by mining underground and is closely processed to forestall it from clumping collectively.

It will most likely additionally embrace iodine, a mineral used to repel any potential toxins from the salt and to take care of wholesome thyroid perform. Another factor about refined salt is that it’s heated and processed earlier than hitting the cabinets, doubtlessly eradicating among the different nutritional vitamins and minerals in unrefined salt. 

What Is Unrefined Salt?

Unrefined salt is created in one in all two methods: mined immediately from the supply or taken from evaporated seawater. It maintains its pure shade resulting from not being processed like refined salt and maintains far more of its pure type this manner. Because it’s not as milled down as desk salt and is commonly the scale of small pebbles. Unrefined salt has a extra coarse texture, however that doesn’t have an effect on the best way it tastes. 

Many folks love unrefined salt for its distinctive style and skill to reinforce their selfmade recipes!

Which One is the Better Choice?

While refined salt isn’t the worst selection for you (particularly when you aren’t getting sufficient salt within the first place), unrefined salt has extra to supply. For one factor, many individuals favor the stronger, earthier style of unrefined salt. While refined and unrefined salt usually has the identical quantity of sodium, unrefined salt affords minerals which might be squeezed out of refined salt.  

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If you don’t like saying goodbye to magnesium, potassium, and different electrolytes in salt, don’t rule out the advantages of unrefined salt!

But Isn’t All Salt Bad for You?

It seems we have been led astray by misinformation about salt. Not even scientists totally agree over the frequent “don’t eat salt” narrative we’ve heard about. Between that, different research, and medical skilled recommendation from our Cure Medical Advice crew, there’s a good purpose to query what you’ve heard.

But the attractive factor about science is that it at all times needs to be its greatest self, and with newer discoveries, it seems that salt is not some evil being out to destroy our well being. 

As a matter of truth, it is vital to our survival on the earth and has been for hundreds of years. That’s why even once you drink a bunch of water, you should still really feel thirsty, fatigued, or downright horrible, regardless of doing every little thing you’re purported to do.

Salt accommodates each sodium and chloride, two electrolytes wanted for organ and joint perform. Plus, get this; it’s important to hydration. We know, take a second to course of that. Without sodium and different electrolytes, your physique can’t transfer as properly, and your mind has a tough time maintaining with all of the issues it’s essential do. So when you’ve been forgetting your good shirt on the health club or shedding essential objects, take into consideration in case your mind is ready to be at its greatest.

While we’re not suggesting you go overboard with overly salty meals and throw every little thing you understand about vitamin right into a psychological dump, we do need you to rethink the worth of salt as a part of your well being routine. 

Why Is Salt So Important?

Salt has been round for ages. But it hasn’t at all times been this straightforward to have entry to it. 

In Ancient West Africa, salt was their ticket to accessing a lot of the world’s entry to valuable metals and different luxurious supplies. But their predominant purpose was to acquire gold and many it. Salt was so valuable that Ghana, Mali, and Songhai might promote it in alternate for the gold, silver, fabric, and different nice supplies they desired. They even made foreign money out of salt as a result of it was that essential. 

If that sounds too good to be true, let’s look again in time for a bit and be taught a bit historical past lesson. (It’s transient, we promise!) 

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Between the seventh and 14th centuries, salt was in abundance in West Africa. But for the remainder of the world, they did not have the identical entry to salt provides as West African merchants. While the world was shifting in direction of extra plant and grain-based diets as a substitute of strictly meats, they got here throughout an enormous drawback: they weren’t getting sufficient salt from their new diets. Plus, they seen that their meals was bland. Salt was additionally used to protect meat and different meals throughout harsh climate or meals shortages in order that nobody went hungry. 

In brief, salt is fairly essential for each style and our physique’s wants, even when it isn’t price its weight in gold (actually) prefer it was once. But caring for your physique and thoughts certain is. 

Is There Such Thing as Too Much Salt After All?

If you’ve ever been to the seashore and gotten ocean water in your mouth, you most likely seen the extraordinarily salty style. That’s as a result of the vast majority of the world’s water isn’t drinkable resulting from our inability to process sea salt with out freshwater. Oh, and the large quantities of fish pee (ew!) most likely doesn’t persuade you to drink it, both. So sure, an excessive amount of salt generally is a actual factor, however we don’t suppose you’re out right here attempting to drink ocean water. 

Everything is required sparsely, however earlier experiences have solid salt as a dietary evil, which doesn’t add up when taking a look at our dietary wants and what our ancestors wanted to stay. Instead, it’s extra essential to be looking out for elements that don’t add any type of worth to what you’re consuming. Think of dyes or enormous quantities of sugar you may see within the typical sports activities drink. 

The selection is evident when evaluating Cure to comparable merchandise akin to run-of-the-mill sports activities drinks, bottled coconut water, different electrolyte mixes, and our drink combine. 

In our drink mixes, we make sure there’s a correct stability between all of our elements — together with pink Himalayan salt — for the greatest hydration attainable. 

Why We Use Pink Himalayan Salt in Our Drink Mixes

It’s tasty, pure, and pink (hey, we will like salt for its fairly colours, too!). Plus, you may by no means need to marvel the place our pink Himalayan salt actually comes from or if it has been processed over and over. We love what pink Himalayan salt brings to the desk and in our drink mixes. That’s as a result of unrefined salt has premium minerals and loads of sodium to reinforce style and your physique’s efficiency. 

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Think about it this manner: after a exercise, you’ve misplaced loads of electrolytes. Reaching for a sugary sports activities drink can change some of the electrolytes and different minerals misplaced via sweat, however there’s not sufficient room for high quality elements between all of that added sugar. Without these equally important electrolytes, it’s exhausting to your physique to really get well from dehydration. 

Medical consultants, akin to Dr. Gonzalez-Lomas, additionally assert the significance of hydration in total efficiency, particularly in athletes:

“Nowhere will we see a clearer instance of the vital results of dehydration than within the decreased sports activities efficiency of fluid-depleted athletes,” stated the board-certified orthopedic surgeon and an Assistant Professor at NYU Langone School of Medicine. “The scientific literature confirms what we see with our personal eyes: a well-hydrated physique and mind carry out at a big benefit. Consistent hydration improves efficiency as we speak and total well being for a lifetime.”

Choosing an Oral Rehydration Solution

An Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) was a system initially made by the World Health Organization. 

With an ideal stability of glucose and electrolytes, it creates a robust hydration super-duo via the physique’s sodium-glucose cotransport mechanism. It primarily implies that sodium and glucose work concurrently to create an absorbing drive that enables water, sodium and potassium to be pulled immediately into your physique. 

And that is the principle purpose we use salt – it is a vital ingredient for an efficient ORS system, confirmed to hydrate + present speedy absorption of water into your bloodstream. Without salt, it will not be an ORS system and due to this fact, not confirmed to supply mobile stage hydration.


You heard it right here first: pink Himalayan salt not solely enhances the scrumptious flavors we provide with our drink mixes, however it is usually important to sustaining an electrolyte stability that hydration will depend on. At Cure, we’re nerds for wholesome, comfortable hydration. Combined with pure fruit juices and natural coconut water, our pink Himalayan salt helps create a hydration expertise like no different. 


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