How Long Does it Take to Rehydrate? Get Hydrated Fast

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Your physique can work miracles and is designed to bounce again from a number of life’s challenges. But in our “need it proper now” world, it is onerous to keep in mind that our our bodies do the very best they’ll, which is already spectacular sufficient by itself. Human our bodies are fascinating, and with the right maintenance, they’ll preserve being superb. 

At Cure, we all know how superb your physique could be and that getting an additional increase is all it takes to get again into peak efficiency. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a professional athlete, a professional within the workplace, or pro-on-the-go; what issues essentially the most is that you’re human, and honoring our humanness begins with honoring ourselves. So in case your physique doesn’t appear to be bouncing again as shortly because it ought to, you might want to offer it extra time to really feel at its greatest.  


Hydrating Electrolyte Mix

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And precisely how lengthy does it take to rehydrate your physique after dehydration? The easiest reply is: it relies upon. We know you’re on the lookout for a way more particular reply, however don’t fear; we’ll cowl the entire “what-ifs” beneath.

Why Does Proper Hydration Matter?

Proper hydration is crucial to general organ perform. It additionally performs a giant half in your temper. Just ask Dr. Roshini Rajapaksa, a board-certified gastroenterologist and Clinical Associate Professor at NYU Grossman’s School of Medicine.

“Hydration is essential on your physique’s cells to perform correctly. If you’re dehydrated, your psychological and bodily state shall be negatively affected,” she advised us. I feel a number of us know this at coronary heart, however too many individuals aren’t conscious of how frequent dehydration is: 75 %, or three out of 4 individuals, have issues with continual dehydration and won’t even understand it.    

We usually solely think about thirst as an indicator of dehydration. However, for those who’ve been feeling drained and irritated these days, perhaps even nauseated or sick, hydration or lack thereof could be guilty. This additionally consists of an imbalance of electrolytes or minerals which can be simply as essential to your physique’s well-being. We’re positive you’ve heard of calcium, sodium, potassium, and different minerals you may see listed on a diet label, however for those who haven’t, Dr. Rajapaksa explains precisely why they’re important to your physique.  

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“[Water] alone is usually not sufficient to hydrate you. Electrolytes are principally the controllers of how a lot water your physique retains and have to be balanced in an effort to really feel your greatest.”

Electrolytes are important to your physique’s general steadiness. What does this steadiness do? It retains your physique’s pH ranges regular, ensures versatile joints, and finally retains water ranges balanced out, too. 

Rehydrating With an Oral Rehydration Solution

Many issues could cause an electrolyte imbalance, and fortunately, a lot of them could be mounted. The easiest reply is that you just aren’t getting the vitamins and liquids wanted to be at your greatest. More severe causes could embrace kidney, abdomen, or thyroid points, however it’s extra seemingly that you just simply want an additional increase that water alone isn’t supplying you with. 

That additional increase can come from an ORS or an Oral Rehydration Solution. If that title appears like one thing from a sci-fi film, we promise it isn’t! It is an actual and efficient technique to replenish fluids and electrolytes when your physique has misplaced an excessive amount of to bounce again by itself. They’re efficient as each drinkable options, and a few are made as IV fluids. 

This is the place you may need heard the phrase “electrolytes” in commercials. Think of the entire advertisements you’ve seen with athletes consuming Gatorade or Powerade after a exercise, if you’re sick, or in any other case in want of replenishment. The downside with these and different sports activities drinks is that they are often packed to the brim with pointless substances and dyes that take up room meant for high quality substances. Sometimes it might not even have sufficient electrolytes to revive your ranges, both. So you then ask your self: “What’s the purpose?”

We needed to revive hydration to its optimum ranges. When designing Cure, we needed to convey a drink combine to the desk that had reliable, science-backed substances with out sacrificing plant-based goodness. That’s why we use these easy substances:

  • Coconut water
  • Pink Himalayan salt

Notice how these are substances you possibly can acknowledge and pronounce? Our aim was to have a drink combine made with you in thoughts since we didn’t see it once we went purchasing for ourselves. 

As they are saying, for those who don’t see what you need for your self, you need to make it your self. And we’re pleased with what we got here up with! Best of all, there may be nothing in our mixes that interrupt actual hydration like added sugars or different yucky issues.

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So… How Long Does It Take to Rehydrate the Body?

Hydrating Electrolyte Mix

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We grew up pondering that consuming sufficient water meant the common “eight cups a day” of plain water, and nothing else was wanted. Believe us, there may be nothing mistaken with plain water or consuming the everyday eight cups a day! (Hey, it’s higher than nothing, proper?) 

But it may be a chore to recollect to drink sufficient and even get the right vitamins in your each day weight loss plan to steadiness out your electrolytes. We understand how busy life can get and the way straightforward it’s to overlook to do that, do this the entire time.    

So answering this query will depend on how badly you might be dehydrated within the first place. Mild, average, and extreme dehydration have comparable remedies and warning indicators however at various ranges. 

For extra delicate or average instances of dehydration, count on your physique to really feel higher after only a few hours, however full rehydration gained’t occur till about three days later. That’s why even for those who really feel higher pretty shortly, you shouldn’t rush again into your common routine. 

For extreme instances, it would rely on simply how badly you might be dehydrated. Hospital intervention is critical for when this occurs, and a health care provider will make the decision of simply how lengthy somebody wants to remain to totally get well. 

Thankfully, understanding the signs and symptoms of various ranges of dehydration can forestall you from getting there within the first place.

Mild to Moderate Dehydration

If you’re outdoor usually, then delicate or average dehydration can occur simply for those who don’t drink sufficient fluids to replenish what you lose by means of sweat.

Even for those who’re not one to enterprise into the wild, dehydration can occur simply as simply for those who don’t bear in mind to drink up. Chronic dehydration can affect every part out of your temper to how properly your physique is ready to perform general. 

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Some signs of delicate to average dehydration embrace:

  • Consistent thirst 
  • Dry mouth
  • Yellow or golden-colored urine
  • Peeing lower than 4 occasions a day
  • Lightheadedness, tiredness, or fatigue 
  • Irritability, confusion, or anxious emotions

If you’ve got a average case of dehydration, ensure you go see your healthcare supplier to make sure you obtain correct care to get well. 

Severe Dehydration

This is the place selfmade intervention simply will not lower it. Severe dehydration could be deadly, and also you want professional care to intervene in these sorts of conditions. Thinking about extreme dehydration could be scary, however there are many warning indicators you possibly can see prematurely to keep away from attending to a foul place:

  • Dark-colored urine or lack of urine
  • Lack of sweat 
  • Low blood stress
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • The look of sunken eyes or pores and skin
  • Symptoms of delicate and average dehydration that haven’t improved or worsened after consuming loads of fluids

How Do I Prevent Dehydration?

You’d assume the easy reply could be “simply drink extra water,” however we all know it’s not so simple as that. 

As we’ve talked about, typically diseases that may worsen your probability of dehydration:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Sunburn or extra severe burns 

For no matter purpose, for those who aren’t getting correct nutritional vitamins and minerals from each day meals, this may simply as simply throw you right into a state of dehydration and electrolyte imbalance for those who aren’t cautious. 

If you’ve tried numerous dietary supplements and drinks or drink mixes that promise full hydration and have been dissatisfied many times, we predict you’ll be prepared for what Cure has to give you… and that’s 5 tasty, health-conscious hydrating drink mixes. Check out our flavors:

  • Lemon
  • Berry Pomegranate 
  • Grapefruit
  • Watermelon
  • Ginger Turmeric


We’ve examined our product and know that cells take up water as much as 3 times quicker with our method. We’ve even been advised that our drink combine could be simply as efficient as an IV drip… simply don’t try it out as an IV drip, fairly please. Just seize your water and blend it in as a result of we now have the remaining lined. 


Hydrating Electrolyte Mix

★★★★★  1000+ critiques



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