The Difference Between Carrot Oil and Carrot Seed Oil

Even although we’ve got the phrases “carrot oil” and “carrot seed oil,” they really refer to a few varieties of oils. Each oil has a special dietary profile and due to this fact, presents completely different skincare advantages.

So, that can assist you determine which one is best for you, this text goes to cowl the distinction between carrot oil and carrot seed oil. More particularly, we’ll have a look at:

  • Their common traits.
  • Benefits for the pores and skin.
  • How to make use of in your skincare routine.

To begin off, let’s have a look at the three varieties of “carrot oils” that you ought to be conscious of.

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Made by soaking dried carrots in service oil Two kinds: steam distilled (important oil) and chilly pressed (service oil)
Contains beta carotene (professional vitamin A) Cold pressed carrot seed oil incorporates beta carotene
Rich in important fatty acids Only the chilly pressed oil incorporates fatty acids
No dilution required The important oil requires dilution whereas the service oil doesn’t
Contains vitamin E Contains vitamin E
This desk reveals the primary distinction between carrot oil and carrot seed oil.


There are literally three varieties of oils that may be extracted from carrot vegetation (source):

  • Carrot Oil (aka macerated carrot oil or carrot service oil): that is created from the edible carrot. The carrots are dried and soaked in a service oil for an prolonged time frame. During the soaking course of, the medicinal properties of the carrot are extracted into the service oil. Since it is a service oil, it may be used straight on the pores and skin with none dilution. It normally has a yellow to orange-red colour. Lastly, this oil incorporates fat-soluble vitamins present in carrots.
  • Cold-Pressed Carrot Seed Oil (aka carrot seed service oil): that is extracted from the seed of wild carrots (aka Queen Anne’s Lace, latin title Daucus carota). It is a service oil with a yellow to orange colour and may be utilized on to the pores and skin, no dilution required. This oil has a medium-weight consistency, sluggish absorption charge and yellow to orange colour (generally, with a inexperienced undertone). In addition, this oil incorporates the fat-soluble vitamins which might be within the wild carrot seed.
  • Steam Distilled Carrot Seed Oil: additionally extracted from the seed of untamed carrots, that is an important oil. Therefore, it should be diluted with a service oil earlier than topical software. Because that is a necessary oil, it doesn’t have any of the nutritional vitamins or minerals related to carrots. This has a transparent colour and an earthy scent.
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Both varieties of carrot seed oils comprise carotol, which is an antioxidant. The actual breakdown is:

  • 30.55% carotol in cold-pressed carrot seed oil.
  • 66.78% carotol in carrot seed important oil.

Aside from carotol, the important oil incorporates a number of different unstable compounds.

On the flip aspect, cold-pressed carrot seed oil incorporates:

  • vitamin E.
  • beta-carotene (a precursor to vitamin A).
  • important fatty acids. The most plentiful is oleic acid at 82%.

Although there’s not a ton of analysis on each varieties of carrot seed oils, a number of research – and anecdotal proof – recommend that they’re:

  • Antibacterial.
  • Antifungal.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Antioxidant and subsequently, anti-aging.

In addition, some individuals use carrot seed oils for hyperpigmentation. While there are some anecdotal experiences that these oil assist to even out pores and skin tone, extra analysis is required to verify this.

Furthermore, an outdated examine from 2009 advised that carrot oil acts as a pure solar protectant (source).

It’s been proposed that that is possible as a result of compound umbelliferone, which can be present in sunscreens (source). However, that examine didn’t make it clear whether or not the oil used was a seed oil or a macerated oil.


Macerated carrot oil is wealthy in:

  • Beta carotene, which is the compound that offers carrots their orange colour.
  • Vitamin E (from the carrot in addition to the vitamin E from the oil that the carrots are soaked in).
  • Fatty acids (coming primarily from the service oil that the carrots are soaked in).
  • Fat-soluble minerals.
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As such, this oil helps to advertise cell turnover and is usually utilized in pores and skin take care of:

  • Fine traces and wrinkles.
  • Hyperpigmentation.
  • Soothing dry, irritated or infected pores and skin.
  • Overall pores and skin renewal.

NOTE: the service oil used to make carrot oil will give it further skincare advantages. For instance, sunflower oil is usually used within the making of carrot oil. So, you’re going to get the extra anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and emollient advantages that come from the sunflower oil.


Here are some ideas for utilizing carrot seed important oil:

  • Always combine with a service oil. Never apply it undiluted to your pores and skin. Choose from oils like jojoba, rosehip, grapeseed or any of the carrot service oils.
  • When utilizing in your face, keep on with a low dilution of 0.5% (2 drops for each tablespoon of service oil) or 1% (4 drops for each tablespoon of service oil). For the remainder of the physique, you may go as much as the utmost dilution for carrot seed which is 3% (13 drops for each tablespoon of service oil).
  • This oil combines properly with different skin-friendly oils like frankincense, geranium and lavender. For extra on diluting important oils please use this information.

Now, listed here are some tips for utilizing carrot seed service oil and macerated carrot oil:

  • Always apply to wash pores and skin.
  • To lock in moisture, apply the oil after your moisturizer.
  • If you skip moisturizer, then ensure your pores and skin is damp earlier than making use of the oil. You can mist your face with plain water, a hydrosol (reminiscent of rosewater) or a combination of glycerin and water (I personally like a 1:16 ratio of glycerin to water).
  • To increase your moisturizer’s emollient properties, combine a number of drops of the service oils together with your moisturizer within the palm of your hand. Then therapeutic massage onto clear pores and skin.
  • Add a number of drops of both service oil into your clay masks. This will make the masks much less drying and provides it some further pores and skin softening advantages.
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If you’re able to experiment with these oils, listed here are some advised merchandise:

Plant Therapy Carrot Seed Essential Oil – get it here.

Cold Pressed Carrot Seed Oil – get it here.

Macerated Carrot Oil from Typology – get it here.


Does carrot seed oil comprise retinol?

Carrots don’t comprise retinol. Rather, they comprise beta carotene, which is transformed to retinol. In addition, it isn’t clear whether or not any of the carrot seed oils comprise beta carotene. Only macerated carrot oil is thought to have beta carotene.

Will carrot seed oil flip my pores and skin orange?

Depending in your pores and skin tone, you could discover a yellow or orange tint when utilizing carrot-derived oils.

Is carrot seed oil good for underneath eyes?

Carrot seed oil might assist to enhance nice traces, wrinkles and uneven pores and skin tone across the eyes.

Can I take advantage of carrot seed oil as a sunscreen?

While analysis means that carrot derived oil might be able to soak up UVB gentle, it’s not clear which sort of carrot oil – seed oil or macerated oil – may present this profit.

So, it’s best to not depend on any kind of carrot oil as an alternative choice to sunscreen.

Is carrot seed oil protected whereas breastfeeding?

Carrot seed important oil is just not thought-about protected throughout being pregnant or whereas breastfeeding (source).


Carrot oil is a service oil that’s best for dry, mature or infected pores and skin. It’s excessive beta carotene content material is right for supporting pores and skin renewal. As for carrot seed, the steam distilled important oil is wealthy in antioxidants, whereas the cold-pressed oil supplies soothing important fatty acids and antioxidants.

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