I’m a Latina Dietitian and This Is Why I Love Rice and Beans

If there’s one dish I’d eat every day, it’s rice and beans—unquestionably. I grew up having enjoyable with this meals combo from a youthful age when my Dominican grandmother would put together dinner it for me almost every day. It was moreover a staple dish at my Puerto Rican family gatherings. While the rice was always white or yellow, the types of beans numerous considerably. They may presumably be black beans, pinto beans, pigeon peas, white beans, black-eyed peas or crimson kidney beans. 

Not solely is that this a delicious meals combo with cultural relevance for me, nevertheless it’s moreover a dish I wholeheartedly counsel as a dietitian on account of it’s full of vitamin. Learn additional about why I actually like rice and beans as a Latina dietitian and the way in which I benefit from it.

Why I Love the Rice and Beans Combo

It’s a Cultural Food Staple

Rice and beans are one of many frequent meals combos in Latin American delicacies. Therefore, it’s a method for Latinos like me to attach with our roots and uncover satisfaction in our meals.

But rice and beans aren’t merely a part of Latin American delicacies. You can uncover them in Indian, Southern, Middle Eastern, African, and even Italian delicacies. Therefore, they’re a meals combo that affirms many people’s cultures and traditions!

It’s a Complementary Protein

Rice and beans variety a complementary protein, providing the complete necessary amino acids collectively. 

It may be very obligatory for these following a plant-based weight reduction plan to verify they get the complete amino acids on account of most plant-based protein sources lack an important amino acid. Amino acids help restore your physique tissue, break down meals, assemble muscle and produce some hormones and neurotransmitters.

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You don’t always need all the necessary amino acids at one meal—fairly, it’s about getting them in all by the day—nevertheless rice and beans are an easy technique to cowl your bases. Plus, the fiber and protein in rice and beans promote satiety, so they’re certainly best beloved collectively.

It’s Rich in Iron

Iron deficiency is alarmingly frequent, significantly amongst individuals who discover themselves menstruating or pregnant. One analysis found that almost 40% of U.S. females ages 12 to 21 had iron deficiency, and about 6% had iron-deficiency anemia—a state of affairs which will set off fatigue, dizziness, chilly fingers and ft, and pale pores and pores and skin.

Did you already know that beans are in all probability the best plant-based sources of iron? One ½-cup serving of white beans contains about 4 milligrams of iron—22% of the Daily Value. Plus, rice is normally enriched with iron; merely take a look at the meals label to substantiate whether or not or not your rice is. To enhance the absorption of iron, add a provide of vitamin C like peppers, broccoli or citrus.

It’s an Excellent Source of Fiber

When you contemplate fiber, you possibly can contemplate fruits and inexperienced veggies, nevertheless not for prolonged. Beans are one among many best sources of fiber. One ½-cup serving of white beans has about 6 grams of fiber—a robust 18% to 27% of the useful fiber consumption for American adults.

Fiber is critical for gut properly being, blood sugar stability, satiety and ldl ldl cholesterol administration. In actuality, evaluation has found that the prebiotic fiber in beans fosters the growth of healthful gut micro organism, which improves metabolic properly being.

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It’s Budget-Friendly

Last nevertheless not least, all the dietary benefits of rice and beans come at a low worth. Rice and beans are two of in all probability essentially the most cheap meals you possibly can discover on the grocery retailer, significantly when you consider their dietary price. 

Their affordability is even bigger whilst you subject of their shelf-stability. You don’t have to stress about them going harmful for lots of months, if not years. They make for an excellent last-minute dinner whilst you’re overdue for a grocery journey or a go-to dish for meatless Mondays.

How I Enjoy Rice and Beans

If you set a bowl of rice and beans on my lap, chances are high excessive I’ll benefit from it, nevertheless my favorite technique to benefit from rice and beans is Dominican or Puerto Rican mannequin. We title this rice and habichuelas guisadas (stewed beans). The beans—usually crimson kidney beans or pinto beans—are stewed with bell peppers, onion, garlic, squash, tomato sauce, oregano, cilantro and some additional spices. The dish is filled with style and pairs fully with a bowl of white rice.

There are loads of totally different pleasing strategies to make an irresistible bowl of rice and beans. For an Indian-inspired sort out rice and beans, do that Slow-Cooker Dal Makhani recipe over rice. If you want a Tex-Mex night at home, then this One-Pot Beans & Rice with Corn & Salsa is certain to please. And don’t overlook rice and beans for breakfast. This Black Beans, Rice & Fried Egg recipe satisfies savory breakfast cravings.

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The Bottom Line

Rice and beans is a dish I actually like for thus many causes. It connects me to my custom, is an efficient provide of protein, carbs and fiber, and is just plain delicious! Whether rice and beans are a part of your custom or a additional worldwide meals combo for you, it’s worth stocking your pantry with them. Not solely will your pockets thanks, nevertheless your physique may thanks, too.

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