DIY Lavender Essential Oil Recipes for Hair Growth & Thickness

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Lavender is a part of a novel group of important oils which might be mentioned to assist hair progress. Furthermore, analysis signifies that lavender’s hair progress selling properties are helpful regardless of how the oil is used (by itself or in a mix).

So, on this article we’re going to have a look at some lavender important oil recipes for hair progress that you would be able to add to your pure hair care routine, in addition to:

  • how lavender works for hair progress.
  • how you can correctly dilute it.
  • finest manufacturers to make use of for lavender oil.

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bottle of organic lavender oil

1. Stimulates blood movement to the scalp

In order to develop lengthy and wholesome hair, we have to have correct blood circulation to the scalp. This is crucial as a result of blood carries the vitamins that feed hair follicles.

And in line with one explicit study, merely utilizing lavender oil by itself is sufficient to kickstart new hair progress. In that, the researchers in contrast the results of the next hair progress cures on mice:

  • 3% lavender oil
  • 5% lavender oil.
  • 3% minoxidil (the energetic ingredient in Rogaine).
  • jojoba oil.
  • saline (salt and water) resolution.

After 4 weeks the brand new hair progress within the mice was as follows:

  • 3% lavender group: 90% hair progress.
  • 5% lavender group: 95% hair progress.
  • 3% minoxidil group: 98% hair progress.

2. May assist alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is an auto-immune situation during which the immune system assaults one’s personal hair follicles (source). The most distinguished symptom of this situation is hair loss.

Interestingly, a 1998 study confirmed {that a} mix of lavender, thyme, cedarwood and rosemary oils was capable of stimulate hair progress in alopecia sufferers.

These findings recommend that there is perhaps a synergistic impact between lavender and the opposite oils that will increase hair progress.

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3. Supports scalp well being

Inflammation or infections of the scalp can negatively have an effect on hair progress and in some circumstances, even contribute to hair extreme loss.

Luckily, lavender oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that appear to assist itchy scalp, dandruff, head lice and different scalp situations.

As the well being of the scalp improves, this can even be mirrored within the well being of the hair strands that sprouts out of it.


To get the very best outcomes from lavender oil – and to scale back the danger of irritation – at all times dilute it in a provider oil. Ideally, you wish to use a provider oil that’s fluid and simply absorbed. 

Oils which might be simply absorbed make it simpler for extra of the lavender to penetrate the scalp. Some provider oils to select from are listed under.

Carrier oils for diluting lavender oil
grapeseed oil
jojoba oil
candy almond oil
fractionated coconut oil
apricot kernel oil
olive oil
argan oil
castor oil (particularly Jamaican black castor oil)
This tables lists provider oils that you would be able to combine with lavender oil for hair.

Once you’ve determined which provider oil you’re going to make use of, it is advisable to determine which dilution ratio you’re going to make use of.

In the recipes under I’ve used a 3% dilution. This matches the dilution that’s been utilized in research involving lavender oil and hair progress.

That mentioned, please observe that lavender oil has a dermal restrict of 5%. This dermal restrict is the most dilution that’s typically thought-about secure for topical software.

So, you would change these recipes to go as excessive as 5% if you want. Simply use the desk under to determine what number of drops of lavender you want on your desired dilution.

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Dilution Amount of lavender oil to provider oil
3% 27 drops of lavender per ounce of provider oil.
4% 36 drops of lavender per ounce of provider oil.
5% 45 drops of lavender per ounce of provider oil.
This desk exhibits how you can dilute lavender oil with provider oil for hair progress.

1. Herbal Growth Oil with Lavender

DIY hair growth oil

Herbs like fenugreek, horsetail and bhringaraj have historically been used to extend hair progress and thickness. Combining them with lavender oil may give your hair the additional increase it must thrive.

The first step to creating your oil is to determine which herbs you’re going to make use of and which infusion technique. If you select a fast infusion technique, your oil will likely be prepared to make use of inside a day.

Once the infusion is prepared, then you may add within the lavender oil.

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to do that, please learn this information on how you can infuse herbs in oil for hair progress.

2. Simple Lavender Growth Oil (3% dilution)


  • 1 oz glass bottle (with dropper)
  • 27 drops lavender important oil
  • Any provider oil of your alternative


1. Fill the glass bottle nearly to the highest with provider oil.

2. Add the lavender oil.

3. Seal the bottle after which roll it between the palms of your palms. This helps to mix the components.

4. When you’re prepared to make use of this oil, you might have a few choices:

  • Use it at night time as a scalp therapeutic massage oil: You can do that each different day or each two days. Simply apply just a few drops to your scalp and therapeutic massage it in for a few minutes. Don’t rinse out.
  • Use it as soon as every week as an in a single day scorching oil therapy or hair masks: Warm up the oil gently (to guard the important oils from warmth). Apply it in your scalp and strands (particularly the ends). Leave it on in a single day, then shampoo and situation as typical the following morning.
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3. Castor, Lavender & Rosemary Oil Blend (3% dilution)


  • 1 oz glass bottle (with dropper)
  • 11 drops of lavender oil
  • 8 drops rosemary oil
  • 8 drops peppermint oil
  • Any provider oil of your alternative


  1. Follow the identical mixing and utilization steps as with the earlier recipe.


When shopping for lavender important oil, you’ll discover that there are differing kinds as listed under.

Type of Lavender Oil Characteristics
French and Greek lavender Latin title is lavandula angustifolia. Considered the “true” lavender. Originates from France or Greece. Often labeled as French Lavender, Greek Lavender or Lavender.
Fine Lavender Similar properties to lavender however grows at the next altitude. Has a extra pronounced, elegant scent.
Spike Lavender Compared to different kinds of lavender, this one has greater quantities of 1,8-cineole and camphor. The aroma is extra medicinal, with hints of eucalyptus.
Lavandin Hybrid of lavandula angustifolia and spike lavender. Has some barely totally different therapeutic advantages.

To maintain issues easy persist with French, Greek or Fine Lavender on your DIY hair merchandise.

1. Organic Lavender Oil from Plant Therapy

plant therapy lavender essential oil


2. French Lavender from Eden’s Garden

edens garden french lavender oil


3. Pure Lavender Oil from Aura Cacia

aura cacia lavender oil



What important oils are good for exciting hair progress?

Some important oils which might be mentioned to assist with hair progress are:

  • Peppermint oil.
  • Rosemary oil.
  • Cedarwood oil.
  • Tea tree oil.
  • Thyme oil.
  • Coffee oil.
  • Clary sage oil.
  • Lemongrass oil.

For extra particulars on these oils, please learn this information on how you can combine important oils for hair progress.

Which provider oil is finest for hair progress and thickness?

Research means that oils which might be wealthy in linoleic acid can stimulate hair progress. One explicit oil that has been studied is pumpkin seed oil, which seems to dam the conversion of testosterone to DHT.

Because of its impact on testosterone conversion, researchers suppose that pumpkin seed oil has the potential to assist with male sample baldness (supply).


Overall, lavender exhibits promise as a pure treatment for hair loss. I hope that the recipes and ideas on this publish make it simpler so that you can add it to your hair care routine.

infographic of lavender essential oil recipes for hair growth

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