Warm Air Heating System: Costs, Pros, Cons & More

Warm air heating is a sort of heating system that is normally current in older buildings as they’re now being modified usually by moist applications. They peaked throughout the Nineteen Sixties-70s primarily because of they couldn’t maintain with boiler advantages throughout the UK.

However, with additional curiosity being confirmed in reducing our carbon footprint, newer warmth air heating applications, just like heat pumps, might presumably be the reply. Find out additional about warmth air heating applications’ costs, professionals, cons, and further on this text.

Do you already know that you simply simply want to enhance to a recent warmth air heating system? We found that the trick to discovering the most effective prices for heating applications is by evaluating as a lot as 4 quotes from installers near you. Doing this eliminates the prospect of overpaying and permits you to choose the most effective deal.

But looking out for installers isn’t an easy nor fast course of because of it is important to tediously identify numerous installers, assure they’re accurately licensed, make clear your heating state of affairs, and ask for quotes.

Luckily, GreenMatch may allow you to save time whereas on the lookout for installers and money when requesting quotes. Just click on on the button and reply some simple questions in your heating requires to have the ability to get top quality quotes shortly.

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What Is Warm Air Heating?

Traditional warmth air heating, additionally known as ducted air or dry applications, is a heating system that grew to change into largely outdated throughout the United Kingdom with the introduction of moist applications that use water-filled radiators offered by scorching water from boilers to heat a home.

Currently, properties with warmth air heating applications have upgraded to newer air heating applications, just like air provide heat pumps throughout the UK. Some of a very powerful advantages of using warmth air heating is that it’s a additional carbon-friendly, fast and direct strategy of heating areas that need it.

Because of this, air heating applications are easiest in properties that are well-insulated and may most interesting maintain the heat in. Some variations of this method moreover current cooling making it advantageous every in winter and summer time season.

Because of this twin attribute, warmth air heating applications are normally utilized in worldwide areas which have extreme temperatures seasonally. Such as throughout the United States the place 90% of properties have some sort of a compelled air system.

In distinction, boilers have become additional normal in Europe attributable to its chilly winters and until pretty these days, cool summers. Thus heating, air movement, and aircon (HVAC) applications weren’t wished domestically. Now with the affect of world warming making Europe a scorching spot, individuals are starting to see scorching summers as one factor that’s proper right here to stay.

How Does Warm Air Heating Work?

Warm air heating applications normally work by drawing in cool air from the pores and skin using a vent and warming it up by passing it over a gasoline flame or to a heat exchanger. The warmth air is then circulated all by way of the entire house by way of air ducts, vents or grills in each room.

After the great and comfy air presents up its heat to the room, it is returned to the heating unit by way of pipes. This course of is ongoing until the desired temperature is reached.

The basic system is normally managed by a thermostat, nonetheless by opening and shutting each vent, the temperature of each room may be managed. Once the system reaches the set temperature, it ought to keep in standby mode until the temperature dips beneath the established prohibit, at which degree it begins to warmth the air as quickly as additional.

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An air provide heat pump is probably going one of many hottest warmth air heating applications that operates with a heat exchanger. How an air provide heat pump works is by transferring heat to a coolant that turns into vapour after which is able to get compressed into scorching dense vapour. It is the heat from this vapour that is then blown out by way of vents by followers to heat a room.

Warm Air Heating System Diagram

How your warmth air heating system works may very well be a tough course of. We’ve simplified the strategy beneath in a diagram to point you the best way a heating unit will movement into the great and comfy air spherical your individual house throughout the winter. What heating unit you could possibly have relies upon the sort of warmth air heating system you choose.

Types of Warm Air Heating Systems

There are 4 necessary varieties of warmth air heating applications that you’re going to discover in properties as we converse. In all situations, they perform by way of compelled warmth air being pushed spherical a duct neighborhood using low-power followers. Where they differ the very best is the technique they use to warmth the air.


Essentially, in a gas-fired warmth air system air is drawn in from the pores and skin and heats it over a gasoline flame. Older gas-fired applications don’t have the capabilities to heat scorching water up, nonetheless trendy fashions have been designed to take motion.

Air-to-Air Heat Pump

Air-to-air heat pumps are a low-carbon heating system that work by mainly using electrical vitality to maneuver air from one place to each cool or warmth your individual house. It transfers heat from one location to a special using the foundations of vapour compression refrigeration. They are one of many very important fairly priced varieties of heat pumps to place in in your own home.

At its best, they’re usually considered working like air conditioners, nonetheless in reverse. While they’re solely able to current heating, you can combine it with totally different heating applications, just like a boiler, to offer heat for first rate water.

Ground Source Heat Pump

Ground provide heat pumps that are fitted with geothermal HVAC profit from the photo voltaic’s energy saved throughout the flooring as heat. In the UK, a few metres beneath the underside flooring, the standard earth temperature is roughly 8-11°C all yr spherical.

Using pipes which can be buried underground, the system mainly works as in-ground pre-heating which attracts warmth air up by way of pipes and circulates it by way of your individual house’s air movement system.

Hybrid Heat Pump

Hybrid heat pumps combine a heat pump with a boiler to produce residence heating and scorching water. These applications can alternate between using the boiler’s gasoline or the heat pump’s electrical vitality to maximise saving on gasoline worth and carbon emissions. They work significantly when in climates the place cooling requires are larger than heating requires.

Hybrid heat pumps pair significantly successfully with properties that require a extreme heat demand, have to cut back their carbon footprint or have to decrease your bills on annual funds.

Warm Air Heating VS. Radiators

The necessary variations between warmth air heating and central heating radiators are how they’re heated up and the best way they distribute this heat. Whereas warmth air heating is taken under consideration a dry system, radiators are considered a part of a moist system.

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In a dry system, air is heated up and circulated spherical your individual house by means of vents, ducts, or grills. The warmth air normally comes from each a gas-fired unit or a heat pump. In a moist system, water is heated up and offered to radiators in your own home which warmth up your individual house throughout the winter. In most UK houses with a moist system, the water is normally heated using a gasoline boiler.

Can You Change Warm Air Heating to Radiators?

Yes, it is potential to differ your warmth air heating system to a moist system that works with water-filled radiators. In actuality, in case you’ve an older residence you may need a scorching air system as they’ve been normal throughout the UK throughout the Nineteen Sixties and 70s sooner than boiler experience grew to change into additional superior and energy setting pleasant.

Swapping a scorching air heating system for radiators contains placing in a whole new system and eradicating the weather of the outdated system. You may need to ponder that radiators take up space in each room they’re in so furnishings in your own home may must be repositioned.

Cost of Upgrading Warm Air Heating

If your current warmth air heating system is outdated and in addition you want to enhance it to a additional trendy and energy-efficient warmth air heating system, just like an air provide heat pump, you could be having a look at arrange costs ranging from £7,000 to £13,000.

Ultimately, the final word worth of upgrading to a model new warmth air heating system will depend on the size of your individual house, the number of radiators you need, and the type and gasoline you want to use.

Upgrading your warmth air heating system has many long-term benefits. You will see enhancements to your carbon footprint and positive lower your annual energy bill because of trendy heating applications have been designed to be additional energy-efficient and cost-friendly.

The first step to getting a heating system is to call installers in your house and ask for quotes about your specific heating state of affairs and requires. For most people, this course of may very well be tedious and time-consuming.

That’s the place GreenMatch may assist by saving you hours of time, effort, and money.

Using our neighborhood of dependable companion installers, we would allow you to uncover as a lot as 4 tailor-made quotes for the heating system that our licensed installers advocate for you. All it is important to do to get started is click on on the button beneath and reply some questions in your heating requires and we’ll take it from there.

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Is Warm Air Heating Expensive to Run?

The working worth of your warmth air heating system will rely totally on what gasoline it makes use of and the best way energy setting pleasant your system is. The frequent house throughout the UK makes use of 12,000 kWh of energy for heating yearly. While electrical vitality prices have risen, they have not risen as so much as gasoline. With that being talked about, electrical vitality stays to be costlier.

However, it is important to ponder the facility effectivity of warmth air heating applications. For occasion, an air provide heat pump generates, on frequent, 3kW for every kW {of electrical} vitality it makes use of. That’s a 300% effectivity cost. When evaluating this with a 92% effectivity commonplace gasoline boiler, then the excellence in working worth begins to decrease.

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Here’s an occasion of how so much an average-sized household will spend on heating if using a warmth air heating system that has a coefficient of effectivity of three.

Running Cost of Air Source Heat Pump for Medium-Sized Home

Factors Calculations Based On
Electricity Price 28.3 per kWh
Average COP of an ASHP 3
Heat Demand of a Medium UK Home 12,000kWh
Electricity Input Required 12,000/3=4,000kWh
Annual Running Cost of ASHP 4,000*0.17=£1,132

Is Warm Air Heating Economical?

Warm air heating is acceptable throughout the UK for smaller properties that are nonetheless beneath growth because of it requires a model new ductwork/air movement to be put in. Installing this proper into a house after it has been completely constructed should not be greatest as it would lead to bigger costs and further seen air movement/pipework.

Therefore, this heating system has positively found a spot throughout the heating world, however it’s not economically greatest for present buildings with poor insulation. The trigger it hasn’t become additional normal throughout the UK, prefer it’s in numerous worldwide areas, is because of applications with cooling weren’t wished before now and since the advantages and accessibility of boilers have been setting pleasant for UK house owners.

Warm Air Heating Systems Pros and Cons

Warm air heating applications have many advantages and disadvantages that it’s best to guage sooner than deciding to differ heating applications.

Advantages of Warm Air Heating Systems

  • Modern scorching air heating applications warmth your individual house up shortly and quietly.
  • Frees up space in your own home as a result of it doesn’t require radiators to be put in making them good for smaller properties.
  • Uses a lot much less gasoline, making them very energy setting pleasant and may worth as a lot as 18% a lot much less to run than totally different heating applications.
  • Some warmth air applications have an additional filtration system which will take away pollen, mud, and micro organism from the airborne particles.
  • Air provide heat pumps are low-carbon heating applications which will cut back your individual house’s carbon footprints because of they do not launch CO2 into the setting like gasoline boilers do.
  • There are grants accessible to help cowl the worth of placing in an energy-efficient warmth air heating system.

Disadvantages of Warm Air Heating Systems

  • Many air heating applications cannot current house scorching water so an additional boiler is also wished.
  • Installation of a warmth air heating system into an present house is troublesome because of the ducts/vents will in all probability be seen.
  • Air heating applications switch mud all by way of your individual house whereas working and may very well be a draw back for people delicate to mud.
  • Installing a warmth air heating system can embrace a extreme preliminary worth.
  • Because there are few heat pump producers and installers, there could also be extreme opponents resulting in extreme costs and restricted choices.

If after evaluating the professionals and cons of warmth air heating applications you’ve decided that you simply simply want to enhance your current heating system to an air heating system, just like a heat pump, then we advocate you first start by evaluating arrange costs. For most people, this course of contains tediously discovering native and approved installers and asking for quotes specific to your individual house.

However, with GreenMatch this course of is streamlined as you merely fill in a simple variety (it takes decrease than a minute!) and we’ll take it from there by providing you with as a lot as 4 free, tailor-made quotes. To get started, merely click on on the button beneath.

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