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As any individual who adores face oils – and notably, rosehip oil – I’m excited to share this Pai rosehip oil consider with you!

In the earlier I had tried a number of totally different rosehip oils and had lastly found one which I was really happy with.

I didn’t actually really feel the need to vary (because of everybody is aware of how exhausting it could be to try a model new product after which be let down…I didn’t have to bear that).

But I saved seeing the BioRegenerate oil everywhere and eventually, I gave in and acquired a bottle!

So, on this consider I’ll cowl the following issues:

  • Ingredients.
  • Benefits.
  • My whole impression.

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Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil has a simple however extremely efficient ingredient file consisting of exactly 4 substances:

  • Organic rosehip seed extract (aka rosehip seed oil)
  • Organic rosehip fruit extract (aka rosehip fruit oil)
  • Vitamin E.
  • Rosemary Extract. 

According to their site, the product is “99.7% pure with added vitamin E.”

Now, let’s take a greater check out these substances.

Rosehip Seed and Fruit Oil

Most rosehip oils out there in the marketplace are extracted solely from the seed by the use of a cold pressing.

However, Pai takes a complete completely totally different methodology!

The BioRegenerate oil contains CO2-extracted oils from the rosehip seed and fruit.

As a consequence, this oil is far more potent because of:

  • The rosehip fruit contains way more beta-carotene than the seed. According to Pai, the fruit can have as a lot as 5x additional beta-carotene! Since the physique converts beta-carotene to vitamin A, that means this oil presents you way more skin-loving benefits than many various rosehip oils out there in the marketplace.
  • CO2 extraction makes use of low temperatures (even lower than chilly pressing). This ends in a better top quality oil! In actuality, Pai notes that as a result of CO2 extraction that they use, the BioRegenerate contains 20% additional fatty acids than cold-pressed rosehip oil.
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Lastly within the case of the vitamin E and rosemary extract, many clear producers use them as pure “preservatives” because of they’ve antioxidant properties.

So, my guess is that Pai added them into the product to help cease oxidation and rancidity.


When I started using Pai’s Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil, I didn’t have any specific pores and pores and skin factors that I was concentrating on.

I merely wanted to see how properly it retains the pores and pores and skin moisturized.

And I’m joyful to report that the oil is great in that regard (NOTE: I solely apply oil to moist pores and pores and skin because of the oil locks in moisture. Oil by itself should not be a moisturizer).

In addition, sooner than using BioRegenerate, I had been using Kosmea’s rosehip oil (which could be CO2-extracted from the seed and fruit). I noticed that my pores and pores and skin absorbs the Pai oil sooner. That was a nice little shock!

So, that’s my non-public experience with the oil.

Now listed below are some additional benefits that normally embrace using rosehip oil.

1. Supports Skin Barrier

Rosehip oil is rich inside the fatty acid known as linoleic acid – spherical 54%.

Linoleic acid is alleged to play a significant operate in supporting the pores and pores and skin barrier.

A healthful pores and pores and skin barrier is essential for retaining moisture, stopping inflammatory pores and pores and skin conditions, stopping premature indicators of getting previous and supporting whole pores and pores and skin effectively being.

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2. May Improve Acne

Some evaluation reveals that acne-prone pores and pores and skin produces sebum that is low in linoleic acid (source).

This imbalance can impact the pores and pores and skin barrier and subsequently, contribute to additional irritation (like pimples).

Since rosehip oil is an environment friendly provide of linoleic acid, it would help reduce irritation and pimples.

3. May Help Hyperpigmentation

Rosehip oil is usually used as a pure therapy for hyperpigmentation.

This revenue is also due to the reality that rosehip oil is rich in pro-vitamin A.

Pro-vitamin A promotes pores and pores and skin turnover, which can lead to a additional balanced pores and pores and skin tone and improve the seems to be of hyperpigmentation.

4. Soothing to Sensitive Skin

Rosehip oil is usually a go-to for folk with delicate pores and pores and skin because of it is:

  • Rich in essential fatty acids: these fatty acids are anti-inflammatory which might help with redness, dryness or totally different indicators of irritation.
  • Supports the pores and pores and skin barrier: delicate pores and pores and skin normally has an impaired pores and pores and skin barrier. By nourishing it with an oil like rosehip, you possibly can uncover that your pores and pores and skin is unquestionably additional resilient.


My golden rule for using this oil – and another face oil – is to put it on moist pores and pores and skin.

Remember that oils are normally not moisturizers. Rather, they act as occlusive brokers i.e. they create a defending barrier that locks in moisture.

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So, simply bear in mind to have moisture in your pores and pores and skin beforehand each by spritzing your face with:

  • plain water or rosewater.
  • a mix of water and glycerin. This is my non-public favorite because of glycerin is a humectant (it attracts water). This was A MUST as soon as I lived in a dry native climate!

In addition, you presumably can add just some drops of rosehip oil to clay masks recipes.

The oil will diminish the drying outcomes of the clay.


Pai’s Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil is definitely considered one of many two rosehip oils that I benefit from using (the alternative being Kosmea’s rosehip oil).

I like a simple skincare routine and I moreover be aware of farming/manufacturing necessities because of this may significantly the nutritional vitamins which is likely to be in an oil

Pai meets all my requirements because of they use:

  • organically grown rosehips.
  • seed and fruit oils that current a wider spectrum of skin-loving nutritional vitamins.
  • mild CO2 extraction that produces a finer top quality oil.

I’ll gladly buy this as soon as extra (and advocate that you just do too)!

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