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If you’re on the lookout for a pure and non-abrasive treatment for hyperpigmentation, then look no additional than carrot seed oil.

Derived from the seeds of untamed carrots – totally different from the carrots we eat – carrot seed oil has quite a lot of compounds that nourish the pores and skin whereas supporting pores and skin renewal.

However, earlier than you attain for any outdated carrot seed oil, you need to know that there are two varieties.

Each has its execs and cons, so on this article we’re going to take a look at:

  • why carrot seed oil may help brighten uneven pores and skin tone.
  • the advantages of every kind of carrot seed oil.
  • concepts for the best way to use carrot seed oil for hyperpigmentation.

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There are two sorts of carrot seed oils: a chilly pressed provider oil and a steam distilled important oil. The former comprises beta carotene whereas the latter comprises carotol. Both of those compounds may help to even out pores and skin tone, making carrot seed oil a noteworthy treatment for hyperpigmentation.

Now, let’s discover these two oils in additional element so that you just perceive what they every have to supply.

Here’s what you need to find out about chilly pressed carrot seed oil:

  • A provider oil in the identical approach that jojoba or rosehip are provider oils. Therefore it may be used undiluted.
  • Has a yellow-orange in coloration (sometimes with a inexperienced undertone) and earthy scent.
  • A pure supply of beta carotene which is transformed to preformed vitamin A (aka retinol). So, as a result of its beta carotene content material, carrot seed provider oil might provide you with retinol-like outcomes with out the irritation that comes with retinoids (a giant win when you’ve got delicate pores and skin). NOTE: there’s additionally macerated carrot oil, created from edible carrots. It more than likely has extra beta carotene, nevertheless it’s not as broadly accessible as carrot seed provider oil.
  • One research confirmed a major discount in melasma-related hyperpigmentation when beta carotene lotion was used for twenty-four weeks (source).
  • Rich in fatty acids like oleic acid which makes up 82% of its fatty acid composition. In addition this oil is a pure supply of antioxidants like vitamin E.
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As for steam distilled carrot seed oil, right here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s a necessary oil which implies it should be diluted earlier than use.
  • Has a transparent coloration with an earthy, musky perfume.
  • High in a strong antioxidant and anti-fungal known as carotol. In truth, there’s roughly twice as a lot carotol within the important in comparison with the provider oil (66.78% vs 30.55%).
  • Contains different antioxidants like daucene, beta-bisabolene and daucol. Since oxidative stress performs a job within the improvement of hyperpigmentation, these antioxidants might additional assist to brighten pores and skin (source).


1. Make A Brightening Oil with Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Here’s a easy facial oil which you could make to even out your pores and skin tone.

When you make this recipe you’ll profit from rosehip’s radiance-enhancing results – because of beta carotene – in addition to its vitamin E and important fatty acids.

As for frankincense oil, it helps cell turnover and as such, is an efficient addition to any mix that’s supposed to steadiness pores and skin tone (source).

2. Make A Face Oil with Cold Pressed Carrot Seed Oil

If you’d desire to skip important oils altogether, then use this nourishing mix as a substitute. 

It’s made with oils that every one include beta-carotene, anti-inflammatory important fatty acids and vitamin E. Basically the whole lot you’ll want to nourish, soothe and rebalance your pores and skin tone!

  • 2 tsp chilly press carrot seed provider oil – get it here
  • 2 tsp rosehip oil
  • 2 tsp plum oil – get it here
  • 1 oz glass bottle
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One factor to notice with all of those recipes is that it’s finest to make use of rosehip oil derived from your complete rosehip (seed and outer flesh).

The outer flesh can have as much as 5 occasions extra beta carotene than the seed. The rosehip oil linked within the recipes suits these standards.


How lengthy does it take for carrot oil to lighten darkish spots?

Unfortunately, there are not any research that present how lengthy it takes for carrot seed oil to fade darkish spots.

That mentioned, there’s anecdotal proof suggesting that you possibly can discover a distinction inside a number of weeks. But in another instances it may take months.


While carrot seed oil is a pure approach to tackle hyperpigmentation, it’s not as potent as prescription therapies.

So, it’s necessary to be affected person whereas ensuring to make use of it constantly.

Practically talking, the adjustments you see might be influenced by: 

  • consistency of use
  • the severity of the hyperpigmentation/darkish spots.
  • the standard of the oils. Always buy from respected manufacturers to keep away from losing your cash – and ruining your pores and skin – with adulterated oils.

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