How to Dissolve Bone Spurs Naturally?

Key Highlights: 

  • Definition and customary areas affected by bone spurs. 
  • Causes and signs of bone spurs. 
  • Natural treatments and different therapies for managing bone spurs. 
  • Home treatments for ache administration and help. 
  • When to see a healthcare supplier and measures to scale back the danger. 


Bone spurs, often known as osteophytes, happen naturally in many individuals with comparatively minor points. However, when these bony outgrowths grow to be painful or trigger mobility issues, people typically hunt down options to alleviate their discomfort. As increasingly folks look towards pure strategies of therapeutic and therapy, a query arises if we will dissolve or handle bone spurs with out turning to invasive interventions. In this text, we are going to discover the causes of bone spurs, delve into numerous pure treatments and different therapies obtainable to handle them, and description when it may be mandatory to hunt skilled medical help. 

Did you realize?

  • Consuming meals wealthy in omega-3 fatty acids can scale back irritation and probably dissolve bone spurs. source:
  • Overweight people usually tend to develop bone spurs attributable to elevated stress on the joints. source:
  • Bone spurs are extra widespread in older people, with the prevalence rising with age. source:
  • In extreme circumstances, surgical elimination of bone spurs could also be mandatory to alleviate signs.source:

Understanding Bone Spurs 

Bone spurs (osteophytes)are small, odd bone growths that construct up alongside bone edges, primarily at joints. These growths aren’t painful, however once they rub towards nerves, ligaments, or close by tissue, discomfort could come up. 

Common Areas Affected By Bone Spurs 

Bone spurs can kind anyplace within the physique. Most of them happen close to joints the place bones meet or in areas the place ligaments and tendons connect to the bone. The most typical areas are as follows: 

  • Neck 
  • Shoulders 
  • Elbows 
  • Spine 
  • Hips 
  • Knees 
  • Heels 

Causes of Bone Spurs 

Bone spurs typically stem from joint put on and tear, equivalent to osteoarthritis, or a bone harm. There are different components too that are listed beneath.  

  • Aging 
  • Lingering stress on ligaments and tendons 
  • Genetic components 
  • Poor posture and physique mechanics 
  • Excess joint stress attributable to being obese 

Symptoms of Bone Spurs 

Bone spurs don’t all the time trigger signs. But once they do it could embrace the next.  

  • Joint ache 
  • Swelling and redness  
  • Limited joint motion                                                                                                                           
  • Numbness or tingling if a nerve is compressed 
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Natural Remedies for Dissolving Bone Spurs 

Though there aren’t any sure-fire pure treatments for dissolving bone spurs, there are particular issues which will handle the signs and promote total joint well being.  

1. Cold Compress 

A chilly compress could assist scale back swelling and redness. This technique eases ache by limiting blood move to the affected half. A frozen gel pack, a calming towel, and even selfmade treatments like a sock full of rice or a bag of frozen peas can do the trick. 

2. Supplements 

Some dietary supplements could enhance joint well being, although analysis on their use for dissolving bone spurs will not be sufficient. Here are a couple of which might be often tried however bear in mind they aren’t to be began till and except your physician is made conscious that you will incorporate in your every day routine. 

It’s essential for protecting our bones agency. It is proposed that by getting sufficient, you would possibly assist your physique struggle towards bone spurs. 

It takes care of our bones and retains them robust. It is claimed that having sufficient of it would decelerate bone spur formation. 

It helps with calcium uptake and bone well being. Foods wealthy in vitamin D3 promote correct bone reworking and energy which could assist in coping with bone spurs. 

3. Diet 

A food plan wealthy in bone-boosting vitamins can do wonders on your bones and joints. Try getting loads of vegetables and fruit, dairy merchandise, and oily fish into your meals. 

4. Exercise 

Regular train is sweet for our bones. It may additionally preserve bone spurs at bay.  The workouts that you could be strive are as follows.  

Try actions like brisk walks, swims, or biking. They are simple on the joints. 

  • Strengthening and Stretching Exercises 

Weightlifting and body weight workouts are nice for muscle tissue and bones. Stretching improves flexibility and joint motion. 

  • Yoga and bone spur administration 

Yoga could assist ease bone spur ache. It is claimed to advertise blood circulation, leisure, and motion. 

In my opinion, the danger of getting bone spurs may be lowered by sustaining good posture, equivalent to making certain appropriate place whereas sitting on the desk. Practising secure train strategies may assist keep away from joint accidents and bone spurs subsequently.

Dr. Siddharth Gupta, B.A.M.S, M.D

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Alternative Therapies for Bone Spur Management 

Alternative therapies could present aid from joint points. But all the time verify with a healthcare supplier earlier than attempting them out. 

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1. Cell-Based Therapies 

These therapies use stem cells to restore broken tissue which can assist handle signs. These could assist handle situations like osteoporosis. More research are wanted to verify their impact on bone spurs. 

2. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy 

This technique has proven promise in easing signs of skeletal situations like arthritis and joint put on and tear. Further analysis are wanted to verify its results on bone spurs. 

3. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Acupuncture would possibly assist with bone spur ache. More analysis is required to know the way efficient it’s in managing bone spurs. 

Home Remedies for Pain Relief  

There are easy house treatments which will assist handle bone spur ache, alongside the pure treatments talked about earlier. 

Heel help 

If you may have heel spurs, heel cups, cushions or the proper arch help in your footwear could supply some aid. 

Over-the-counter Pain Relievers 

Painkillers which might be obtainable over-the-counter could assist ease ache by lowering irritation. Always take them beneath the steerage of a healthcare supplier. 

Night splints 

Night splints could assist folks with heel spurs associated to plantar fasciitis. They preserve the foot tilted whilst you sleep, easing rigidity and morning stiffness and ache. 

Bone spurs kind when the physique builds further bone to restore itself attributable to long-term stress or stress. They could develop within the toes from tight ligaments, actions like dancing or working, or sporting ill-fitting footwear. Similarly, repetitive shoulder use may trigger bone spurs.

Dr. Rajeev Singh, BAMS

When to See a Healthcare Provider? 

If bone spur ache is an excessive amount of or if it have an effect on your means to maneuver, see a healthcare skilled. They could have to conduct additional checks, that are listed beneath. 

Diagnosis of Bone Spurs 

A bodily check-up and symptom dialogue may help your healthcare supplier determine if bone spurs are inflicting your discomfort. 

X-rays, CT scans, and MRI for Bone Spur Detection 

Imaging checks like X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs can find the bone spur. This helps in focused administration. 

Professional Recommendations for Treatment 

Your healthcare supplier could advocate life-style adjustments, medicine, and even uncommon invasive procedures to handle the causes and relieve signs of bone spurs. 

Avoiding Bone Spurs 

You could not cease bone spurs from forming, however it’s possible you’ll try to reduce the danger and depth. 

Maintaining a Healthy Weight 

Extra weight places extra stress in your joints and will improve the danger of bone spurs. Losing weight could assist keep away from this. 

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Proper Footwear and Foot Support 

Shoes with good cushioning and help could preserve foot-related bone spurs, like heel spurs, from forming. 

Regular Physical Activity 

Regular low-impact workouts could preserve your bones and joints wholesome and keep off bone spurs. 


Bone spurs are widespread but manageable. While no pure treatment ensures the entire dissolution of those bony outgrowths, numerous strategies, equivalent to chilly compresses, dietary supplements, food plan changes, train, and different therapies, could assist alleviate signs and enhance joint operate. Taking measures to scale back the danger, equivalent to sustaining a wholesome weight, sporting supportive footwear, and staying lively, could go a good distance in lowering bone spur threat and severity. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What will dissolve bone spurs? 

Even although there isn’t a assured pure treatment for dissolving bone spurs, choices like chilly compresses, dietary supplements, food plan, train, and different therapies could handle signs and enhance joint well being. 

Does magnesium assist with bone spurs? 

Magnesium is essential for robust bones, however analysis has not confirmed that it alone can dissolve bone spurs. 

What deficiency causes bone spurs? 

There is not any direct hyperlink between an absence of nutritional vitamins or minerals and bone spurs. However, correct vitamin may assist keep away from or handle them. 

Does Epsom salt assist bone spurs? 

Soaking in an Epsom salt tub could present some aid from ache and irritation associated to bone spurs, owing to its magnesium sulfate content material, even when it doesn’t immediately dissolve bone spurs. 


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