How Often Should Kids Drink Electrolytes?

And why it’s vital. 

Electrolytes are an vital a part of staying hydrated. These minerals, which embrace sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, regulate every kind of processes inside your physique. 

At Cure Hydration, we consider that electrolytes are an important a part of a wholesome way of life. This temporary information will clarify how typically children can drink electrolytes and why it’s vital. 

Dehydration occurs when your physique loses extra fluids and electrolytes than it takes in. We can change into dehydrated for a lot of causes, which embrace extreme sweating, residing in a scorching local weather, and even being at a excessive altitude. 

Kids are particularly weak to dehydration as a consequence of their quick metabolism and small measurement, which leads them to lose and substitute water and electrolytes at a quicker charge. 

For this cause, it’s vital to think about supplementing with electrolytes. 

To assist, this information will present an outline of why children get dehydrated and the way typically they need to complement with electrolytes. 

Why Do Kids Get Dehydrated?

Not Enough Fluids and Electrolytes

Kids notoriously don’t need to drink plain water. This can result in them getting dehydrated extra rapidly than adults who make it a degree to get no less than the advisable 8 cups per day.

Even although your youngster’s fluid consumption wants will range relying on their age, bodily exercise, and out of doors temperature, all of them have one factor in frequent: a choice for sweetened drinks. 

If you’re making an attempt to keep away from including sugar to your youngster’s weight loss plan, then it could be troublesome to maintain them hydrated. This is what makes Cure Kids such an incredible answer: Our pediatrician-formulated and kid-approved electrolyte powder generally is a scrumptious addition to water with out including empty sugar energy to your youngster’s weight loss plan. 

Too Much Sweating

Kids are very energetic creatures. (Fun truth: Kids have muscle tissues which are truly resistant to fatigue. Plus, they get better a lot quicker from intense bodily exercise.) This could clarify why they’re continuously working round. 

This can result in them shedding fluids at a quicker stage than an grownup. And, after all, in case your youngster performs sports activities or is concerned in one other bodily exercise, then they’re in all probability sweating and shedding fluids, too. 

This is to not say that sweating robotically results in dehydration. But if children are continuously shedding fluids by sweat and never replenishing with fluids, then this generally is a potential trigger.  

What’s extra, if a child is consuming solely water, then they could not replenish the vital electrolytes that they lose. Because dehydration shouldn’t be solely the dearth of water, but additionally lack of vital electrolytes, consuming solely water can result in children feeling dehydrated, too. 

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Too Much Sun

Because children are so energetic and energetic, they could additionally get extra solar publicity, particularly if they have an inclination to play exterior. A bit of little bit of solar publicity is actually not a foul factor. But even quarter-hour of being in direct daylight can result in a sunburn.

A sunburn is certainly painful. But a little-known truth is that getting sunburned also can result in dehydration. Because the pores and skin regulates the steadiness of water and electrolytes within the physique, any harm triggered to it might throw this steadiness off-kilter. 

A sunburn damages the highest layers of the pores and skin, which might result in fluid and electrolyte loss. For this cause, extreme solar publicity can result in dehydration. 

Diarrhea and Vomiting

A abdomen bug can result in children expelling extra fluids than regular. Of course, it’s tremendous vital to seek the advice of together with your well being supplier if this ever occurs. But if fluids aren’t replenished rapidly sufficient (which may be arduous on this case), then dehydration is prone to occur. 

What are the Signs of Dehydration in Kids?

The indicators of dehydration principally depend upon how extreme it’s. If dehydration is extreme, then your youngster could expertise excessive signs comparable to fatigue, confusion, low physique temperature, and elevated coronary heart charge. If this ever occurs, then it’s vital to get medical care as quickly as attainable.

However, delicate to reasonable dehydration is prone to seem earlier than any extreme signs, which is why it’s vital to be careful for them. Below are some frequent indicators of dehydration.

Dry Mouth or Throat

Your youngster can have a dry mouth or throat as a consequence of numerous causes. However, in case your youngster complains of getting problem speaking, chewing meals, and even unhealthy breath, this generally is a signal they’re not getting sufficient fluids. 

Usually, a dry mouth attributable to delicate dehydration may be resolved pretty rapidly as soon as the consumption of fluids and electrolytes goes up. 


Although it seems like dehydration and dizziness aren’t associated, there’s truly an attention-grabbing hyperlink between the 2. When the physique will get fewer fluids and electrolytes than regular, then whole blood quantity will go down. This can result in low blood strain.

Because the blood carries oxygen and different vital vitamins to many elements of the physique (mind included), decrease blood strain will result in much less oxygen on your organs and muscle tissues. This can result in dizziness. 

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Just like dry mouth and throat, feeling sleepy may be as a consequence of many causes that don’t have anything to do with fluid and electrolyte consumption. But many instances, dehydration is the primary offender. 

As talked about above, blood strain drops when the physique is dehydrated. This implies that much less oxygen and vitamins are attending to the mind. In addition to dizziness, this may additionally result in your youngster feeling sleepy. 

Dehydration may cause sleepiness in one other manner. During the night time, dehydrated muscle tissues usually tend to spasm. This can interrupt restful sleep, even when your youngster is getting sufficient hours in mattress. 

Dark Urine

Urine must be wherever from a transparent to gentle yellow shade. This is as a result of urine incorporates naturally occurring pigments that give it its shade, which get diluted with fluids. 

The much less fluid in your system, the extra focus there may be of the pigment. So, if urine is darkish yellow and even amber, it is a signal of dehydration. 

Vitamins and dietary supplements also can change the colour of your urine, comparable to vitamin B2 inflicting neon yellow urine and vitamin C creating orange urine. This colourful urine is usually an indication that you’ve got extra quantities of the vitamin in your system.    

You can decide the reason for your pigmented urine based mostly on its shade. If your urine is neon yellow or orange, that is doubtless attributable to extra vitamin consumption. If your urine seems darkish yellow or amber, you might be in all probability dehydrated.

Is it Safe to Give Kids Electrolytes?

The signs of electrolyte overload are extreme. Just like getting too few electrolytes, an excessive amount of of those important minerals are additionally not nice for well being. So, naturally, you might be questioning if giving your children electrolytes is protected. 

Of course, going manner over the advisable serving measurement shouldn’t be a good suggestion (this goes for just about something). But contemplating that many youngsters may very well be deficient in electrolytes like potassium and magnesium, it is not possible that one serving of electrolyte powder will throw off their electrolyte steadiness. Besides, electrolyte deficiency is a a lot better danger. 

It’s additionally vital to understand that most traditional electrolyte powders come loaded with synthetic sweeteners, artificial meals coloring, and even preservatives, that are particularly not nice for teenagers.

Artificial sweeteners are often seen as an effective way to interchange the empty energy from sugar. 

However, researchers are beginning to present that they’ll truly have an effect on your physique in a lot the identical manner that sugar does: by elevating blood sugar and insulin ranges. Plus, they’ll even change your intestine micro organism and we all know that wholesome intestine micro organism have an effect on each your bodily and emotional well being. 

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Besides, it’s not an incredible concept to eat a totally sugar-free electrolyte powder. You really want somewhat little bit of naturally occurring sugar in your electrolyte drink to replenish glycogen shops and to hurry up rehydration. 

When it involves artificial meals colorings and preservatives, children are particularly affected. Studies present that these components intervene with the mind operate of kids, making them extra hyperactive and fewer doubtless to have the ability to maintain focus. 

For this cause, it’s vital to decide on an efficient electrolyte powder fabricated from pure elements and to observe serving measurement suggestions. If that is achieved, then electrolyte powders are a protected, wholesome, and generally even vital complement for teenagers. 

How Often Should Kids Drink Electrolytes?

Kids are completely different in how a lot bodily exercise they get, what they eat, and the way typically they drink fluids. Plus, age and weight can have an effect on how typically they need to drink electrolytes. 

Of course, in case your youngster performs sports activities and sweats recurrently, then their electrolytes must be changed each time that occurs. Kids can drink electrolytes earlier than, throughout, or after the exercise. It’s all as much as them! 

Just understand that electrolyte powder shouldn’t be chugged, as this may result in an uncomfortable, bloated feeling. 

And even with out extreme sweating from sports activities, anytime children complain of thirst and even present indicators of dehydration generally is a good time to drink some electrolytes. 


Electrolytes may even be an incredible addition to your youngster’s morning routine. After a full night time’s sleep, we get up dehydrated. This is particularly true for individuals who dwell in heat climates and even those that snore. Electrolytes generally is a wholesome (and scrumptious) option to rapidly rehydrate within the morning. 

All in all, electrolytes are an effective way to stave off dehydration and all of the destructive uncomfortable side effects that it comes with. As lengthy as you select an electrolyte powder for teenagers that’s made with pure elements (and is scrumptious to drink), electrolytes can change into an everyday a part of your youngster’s well being and wellness. 


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