Face Scrub Or Face Mask? Pros, Cons, How To Use

Scrubs and masks are staples in many individuals’s skincare routines. But what do these merchandise really do, are they actually vital and the way must you use them to get optimum outcomes?

Well, this information goes to reply all of these questions – and way more – with the intention to construct a skincare routine that works for you.

But earlier than we go any additional, let’s tackle the subject of which is healthier: face scrub or face masks?

A face scrub is supposed to raise off useless pores and skin whereas a masks infuses the pores and skin with nourishing or therapeutic substances. In addition, most masks even have the flexibility to take away useless pores and skin. This signifies that masks are sometimes a more sensible choice as a result of you possibly can obtain extra with much less steps in your routine.

Now that we now have a primary understanding of what masks and scrubs do, let’s take a better take a look at their further advantages.


On common the pores and skin has a 28-day renewal cycle throughout which it sheds previous cells and makes room for brand new cells. Even although this course of usually occurs by itself, there are occasions when these previous pores and skin cells could not shed on their very own. This is the place a scrub will be useful as a result of it helps with exfoliation.

Simply put, exfoliation is the method of eradicating useless pores and skin cells from the floor of the pores and skin. And we would like these useless pores and skin cells gone as a result of in the event that they construct up, they will:

  • make the pores and skin look uninteresting, dry or flaky.
  • contribute to clogged pores.

By exfoliating the pores and skin, you eliminate these previous cells, leading to:

  • a more healthy look or glow.
  • smoother pores and skin.
  • a extra balanced pores and skin tone.
  • lesser clogged pores (which can additionally imply much less pimples).

In addition, it’s additionally been advised that common exfoliation may even stimulate collagen manufacturing. This happens primarily with scrubs that include substances like alpha hydroxy acids, which appear to assist collagen manufacturing (1, 2).

Now, by way of sorts of scrubs, there are two most important classes:

  • Manual or Physical Scrubs: these are grainy scrubs and contains issues like sugar, espresso, salt, loofahs, exfoliating mitts and flours (akin to chickpea, rice or oat flour).
  • Chemical Scrubs: these kinds of scrubs depend on particular chemical compounds to soften away useless pores and skin cells. Examples of chemical scrubs embrace AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) akin to lactic acid and glycolic acid, BHA (beta hydroxy acids) akin to salicylic acid and retinoids.

Although they’re fairly fashionable, handbook or bodily scrubs can simply harm the pores and skin. The tough grains contribute to teeny tiny tears within the pores and skin.

On the opposite hand, chemical scrubs don’t have this situation, though they will irritate the pores and skin if used too typically or at very excessive concentrations.

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1. Cleanse first

It’s finest to scrub your face earlier than utilizing a scrub. This ensures that your pores and skin is freed from make-up, sweat and floor grime, permitting scrub or exfoliator to be more practical.

2. Apply a masks

After scrubbing your face, you possibly can comply with up together with your favourite face masks.

Choose a clay masks to assist scale back oiliness and zits, or go for a hydrating masks in case your pores and skin is feeling and looking uninteresting.

3. Tone and hydrate

Now that you simply’ve cleansed, scrubbed and masked, it’s time to revive steadiness to your pores and skin.

A mild toner and pH balancer like rose water is a superb choice. Not to say rose water additionally hydrates the pores and skin.

4. Nourish and moisturize

The remaining step in your post-scrub routine is to use a serum, adopted by a moisturizer or face oil.

5. Scrub a few times every week

Whether it’s a bodily or chemical scrub, over-exfoliation will harm your pores and skin.

So, be certain to present your pores and skin a break and solely exfoliate as soon as every week (for handbook scrubs) or as much as twice every week (for chemical scrubs).

6. Choose an applicable time of day

While you possibly can exfoliate at any time of day, some consultants – akin to Dr. Phoenyx M.D. – counsel adapting your exfoliation schedule to your way of life and your present skincare routine.

According to Dr. Phoenyx, you need to exfoliate within the:

  • morning in case you exercise within the morning and you don’t put on any make-up.
  • night in case you exercise within the mornings and you put on a full face of make-up on daily basis.


The function of a face masks is to present the pores and skin a fast and intense dose of a number of energetic substances. Overall, masks can assist to:

  • hydrate or moisturize the pores and skin.
  • soften superb traces.
  • soothe redness.
  • shrink zits.
  • enhance hyperpigmentation.
  • scale back oiliness.

Whether it’s dermatologists or medical doctors at establishments just like the Cleveland Clinic and University of Pennsylvania, most agree that face masks do in truth work (3, 45). But the query is which sort of masks must you use?

Well, right here’s a fast overview of the several types of masks that you simply discover available on the market:

  • Sleep or Overnight Masks: these are supposed to remoisturize and re-nourish the pores and skin. They are usually fairly thick and include hydrating substances like glycerin or hyaluronic acid. Overall, these are nice for all pores and skin varieties, significantly dry and mature pores and skin.
  • Clay Masks: created from substances like bentonite, rhassoul or kaolin clay, these are glorious for shiny or zits inclined pores and skin.
  • Korean Sheet Masks: these are face-shaped sheets which can be saturated with energetic substances like humectants, ceramides and antioxidants. Although their most important function is hydration, some additionally give attention to exfoliation, soothing infected pores and skin, balancing pores and skin tone, lowering shine, smoothing superb traces and so forth (source).
  • Gel Masks: formulated to hydrate and nourish the pores and skin, these masks present a cooling impact that’s soothing to dry, delicate pores and skin (although different pores and skin varieties can nonetheless take pleasure in the advantages).
  • Peel Off Masks: these are enriched with substances that may exfoliate, hydrate and clear pores. This kind of masks is utilized in a liquid or moist kind after which allowed to dry to a skinny movie. Suitable for many pores and skin varieties, besides very delicate pores and skin.
  • Cream Masks: these are fairly heavy in texture and wealthy in substances that forestall moisture loss (akin to oils). Ideal for regular to dry pores and skin, in addition to mature pores and skin.
  • Exfoliating Masks: formulated to take away useless pores and skin and to wash pores. These masks depend on substances like AHA, BHA and fruit enzymes. They will be drying and are perfect for oily and regular pores and skin.
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1. Cleanse and scrub first

If you put on make-up, it’s important that you simply wash your face earlier than making use of a masks.

Follow that up with a scrub or exfoliator of your alternative.

2. Apply masks

Although you should use a masks at any time of day, think about switching issues up as follows:

  • Apply hydrating masks within the morning. Since one of these masks plumps up the pores and skin and provides a pure glow, it’s the right strategy to begin your day.
  • Use detoxifying or exfoliating masks within the night since they have a tendency to incorporate substances that improve photosensitivity.

3. Balance and tone

After rinsing off your masks, apply your favourite toner or astringent.

4. Moisturize

The final step in your post-mask routine is to moisturize. You can do that by utilizing a number of of those:

  • serum.
  • moisturizer.
  • face oil.

5. Use a masks a few times every week

Since masks are an intense therapy, they’re meant for use often – a few times every week – reasonably than on daily basis. This is particularly true for clay masks, detoxifying masks and exfoliating masks.

Here are some easy tips to remember based mostly in your pores and skin kind:

  • Oily pores and skin: you may get away with utilizing clay masks one to a few instances every week.
  • Oily and delicate pores and skin: you would possibly be capable to use a bentonite clay masks as soon as every week. For gentler clays like kaolin, you possibly can attempt twice weekly functions. Be cautious with masks that include AHAs, BHAs or retinoids. Even at low concentrations, these substances will be an excessive amount of for delicate pores and skin.
  • Dry and delicate pores and skin: use a hydrating masks as soon as every week. If you wish to attempt clay, persist with kaolin because it’s probably the most light.
  • Dry and never significantly delicate: think about using a hydrating masks a number of nights every week. As for clay masks, you possibly can attempt a delicate kaolin masks as soon as every week. Avoid masks that include sturdy substances like AHAs, BHAs or retinol.
  • Mature pores and skin: mature pores and skin tends to be dry and can comply with the identical common tips as dry pores and skin.
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What are the disadvantages of scrubs and masks?

The most important danger with scrubs and masks is irritation. For instance, a tough and grainy scrub can scratch and harm the pores and skin. In addition, substances in chemical scrubs and face masks could trigger irritation if used too typically.

Are DIY face scrubs secure?

If they’re made with substances which can be clinically confirmed to be secure or substances which have traditionally been used for skincare, DIY scrubs will be fairly secure. One factor to remember is that many DIY scrubs use meals or herbs. So, in case you’re allergic to a specific merchandise, then you definitely wish to keep away from placing them in your pores and skin.

Can I take advantage of a DIY masks on a regular basis?

The substances in your DIY masks will decide how often you should use the masks. For instance, in case you’re making a hydrating masks out of honey and/or recent aloe vera gel, you possibly can typically use it each day. 

However, in case you’re making a masks with citrus important oils that improve solar sensitivity, then you definitely’re higher off utilizing these much less often.


Masks and scrubs serve completely different functions in a skincare routine. Some folks profit from utilizing only one or each.

Also, many masks include chemical exfoliants. This means you may skip scrubs altogether and get the identical advantages from a superb high quality exfoliating masks.

So, you may very effectively resolve to make use of a masks that has one in every of these exfoliating substances.

It would imply one much less step in your skincare routine!

No matter the way you select to go about it, I hope this text has helped you higher perceive the world of scrubs and masks.

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