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  • What Makes a Sweetener “Natural”?
  • What Is Monk Fruit?
  • What Is Stevia?
  • Is One Better Than the Other?
  • Never Settle for Added Sugars Again
  • How Monk Fruit and Stevia Both Enhance Our Products

People have tried alternate options to added sugar for years after they want a little bit additional sweetness of their espresso or different beverage. Sugar alternate options are an enormous hit for many individuals trying to keep away from true sugar or different dangerous components, however not all of them are made the identical. 

That’s why the attraction of pure sweeteners continues to pop up in conversations about the way to make meals and drinks style higher. Most individuals don’t drink espresso straight with out some form of additive, whether or not it’s sugar or a synthetic sweetener. The drawback is, added sugar or synthetic sweeteners aren’t so candy. Take a take a look at most of the bottled teas and coffees in shops, and it’s possible you’ll discover that beneath the sugar content material, there could also be one other column labeled as “Added Sugars.” Then you would possibly gasp and surprise simply what number of of your favourite merchandise add that quantity of sugar to their components record, too. 


Hydrating Electrolyte Mix

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So in case you’re searching for a really pure sweetener, the 2 on everybody’s thoughts are monk fruit and stevia, two crops with spectacular sweetening skills. Let’s check out what makes these choices so enchanting with none human intervention. 

What Makes a Sweetener “Natural”?

What makes one thing pure? Easy: something that got here from nature and wasn’t made in a lab by people can be thought-about as pure. 

There’s loads of arguments that not the whole lot that’s pure is sweet, and we hear that. (Who remembers their first run-in with poison ivy?) However, there may be loads about nature to belief, and why not use what nature already has to supply? Especially when it affords a lot to us that has been used for hundreds of years. 

Man-made sweeteners additionally lack lots of the vitamins that pure sweeteners inherently have. So whereas they might be chemically comparable, why throw out the great issues? 

Of course, this doesn’t imply that each single pure sweetener is your best option. Honey, syrup, and pure sugar themselves may be crammed with energy. In moderation, all of this stuff are completely positive. At the identical time, leaving as a lot room for good vitamin as doable is required in a well-rounded food regimen. While energy shouldn’t be utterly prevented, they need to be obtained by consuming more healthy, nutritious meals. Calorie-heavy pure sweeteners can take up room meant for extra nutritional vitamins and minerals in your food regimen. But since pure sweeteners can be found with out energy, the selection is evident. 

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What Is Monk Fruit?

Let’s take a peek at monk fruit first. Monk fruit, also referred to as Luo Han Guo fruit, may be present in Southeast Asia. It received its identify from — you guessed it — from the Buddhist monks who first utilized it in their very own routines. Since then, monk fruit has been used for over 1,000 years as each a sweetener and as a treatment in conventional medication. The distinctive melon fruit can also be a lot sweeter than sugar, as much as 250 times more, to be precise. 

The greatest drawback with monk fruit is that it’s not available in most locations because it thrives solely in particular environments. It additionally doesn’t style fairly as common sugar does, however many individuals don’t thoughts the style. Other than that, the extract remains to be seen in lots of plant-based merchandise in want of one thing candy. 

What Is Stevia?

Stevia is one other non-nutritive (zero energy) sweetener that comes from a plant. Despite being a tame possibility as a sweetener, it will get a foul status as a result of individuals typically confuse it with manufacturers that promote pure cane sugar as stevia. In actuality, actual stevia may be extracted from the Stevia rebaudiana plant. Stevia may be as much as 400 instances sweeter than the common sweetener or added sugars, making it ultimate for individuals who should keep away from sugar solely or are slicing again on their sugar consumption.  

Like monk fruit, it gained’t utterly idiot you into pondering it’s the very same as sugar, however stevia nonetheless stays a well-liked possibility for comparable causes to monk fruit. When trying to find stevia and merchandise with stevia in them, be cautious: some manufacturers declare their merchandise use largely stevia solely to fill the gaps with, you guessed it, added sugars. 

Is One Better Than the Other?

Both stevia and monk fruit have the identical goal: to sweeten with out including a bunch of energy or actual sugar to drinks and different meals. There aren’t many large variations aside from style and their place of birth. Different issues work for various individuals, so it’s value attempting each to see what works finest for you. 

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Or do what we do and simply use each. Yep, each. Why cease at one when each stevia and monk fruit include loads of perks?

Never Settle for Added Sugars Again

All of this discuss sugar needs to be a reminder that sugar itself isn’t terrible. We want it in our diets. Most of the carbohydrates we devour get was glucose, which is actually sugar. The drawback comes from the numerous merchandise in the marketplace which are filled with added sugars. 

Unlike meals, it’s hard for our stomachs to register the energy and sugar we devour in drinks as a result of it doesn’t weigh as closely on the abdomen. 

Added sugars pose an enormous menace to our well being. It could cause quite a lot of issues, together with however not restricted to:

  • High blood stress. 
  • Metabolic well being. 
  • Weakened blood vessels all through the physique.
  • Aneurysm.
  • Problems with reminiscence and confusion, together with reminiscence loss.
  • Heart issues like a coronary heart assault or stroke. 

We’re right here to assist. It’s doable to have a tasty hydration resolution and by no means sacrifice your total well being. When we couldn’t discover what we have been searching for, Cure was born. All of our drink mixes, whether or not for vitality or for pure hydration, solely use a couple of plant-based components to realize what others have tried with added sugars and dyes. Instead, now we have easy, plant-based, core components:

  • Pink Himalayan salt
  • Coconut water powder
  • Fruit juices

As you possibly can inform, we’re obsessive about plant-based components, and including monk fruit and stevia to our mixes makes issues even higher. 


Hydrating Electrolyte Mix

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How Monk Fruit and Stevia Both Enhance Our Products

Though loads of individuals love plain water, there’s nothing flawed with individuals who want a little bit assist to make their water consumption simpler. Your mind craves tasty issues, particularly after shedding a bunch of sweat from a exercise or a day of exhausting work. We use monk fruit juice and stevia in our drink mixes to maximise taste whereas making room for different good issues, like electrolytes, similar to sodium and potassium. It additionally helps make your common water into an much more hydrating method. 

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As a scientifically backed method, you may be assured that Cure just isn’t solely scrumptious however extraordinarily hydrating. Even higher, we take note of the electrolytes your our bodies have to keep hydrated. This is all included in a single packet for under 25 energy. 

How can we preserve energy low and vitamin excessive? Using each monk fruit and stevia mixed with plant-based components, it’s fairly simple. It seems you solely want a little bit to make so much occur, and the magic of Cure is freed from GMOs, vegan, and made for everybody. That contains you, your mates, your next-door neighbor, even your youngsters. Anyone at any age can take pleasure in Cure. 

What Else Makes Cure Different?

Hydrating Electrolyte Mix

★★★★★  1000+ critiques

Even with only a few components, we stand out due to our distinctive method. It’s so good that it may hydrate as much as thrice quicker than plain water, it has 4 instances the electrolytes of your common sports activities drink, and it may be used to rehydrate after a exercise or sickness. 

We additionally understand how necessary hydration is to well being total. It’s important to your capability to maneuver, so in case you’re dehydrated, you’re certain to really feel sluggish and unmotivated. Take it from health professional Tara Lyn Emerson:

“Water regulates your physique temperature and lubricates your joints. It helps transport vitamins to offer you vitality and preserve you wholesome. If you are not hydrated, your physique cannot carry out at its highest degree.” 

We primarily based our method on the World Health Organization’s hydration method, so we’ve received the supply to again it up after we say we’re scientifically backed. We take satisfaction in our work and vow solely to carry you the best possible now we have so to do the identical in your life. 

If you’re able to carry out at your finest, at all times, then it’s time to put money into your self with Cure. 


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