Dry shampoo: Benefits, Side results and How to make use of it proper

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A dry shampoo is ideal for many who haven’t got a lot time to have a head bathtub. But earlier than utilizing it, know the dos and don’ts of dry shampoo, together with its advantages and unwanted effects.

If you might be unfamiliar with dry shampoo, you have to know it’s a hair care product that doesn’t take away filth from hair. Still, it’s a go-to product for busy ladies, because it absorbs the oil in hair, making the filth, grime and greasiness, much less noticeable. Mostly made with alcohol or starch, this waterless product is extra of a hair freshener. Does that make you surprise if utilizing a dry shampoo after your each day exercise session or proper earlier than a celebration is sweet to your hair? Read on to know the advantages, unwanted effects and dos and don’ts of dry shampoo.

What is a dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo is a hair care product that provides a straightforward technique to refresh and clear hair with out conventional washing with shampoo and water. It is available in spray or powder kind and is designed to soak up extra oil, filth, and odour from the scalp and hair, making them look cleaner and extra voluminous, says dermatologist Dr Vichitra Sharma.

A woman using dry shampoo
Dry shampoo has advantages and unwanted effects too. Image courtesy: Freepik

What are the advantages of dry shampoo?

For ladies with packed schedules and who could not have time for normal hair-washing routines, dry shampoo could be useful and useful. Here are among the advantages of dry shampoo:

1. Bouncy hair after exercise

Dry shampoo isn’t just good for busy ladies or travellers who could not have entry to a bathe, but additionally for health lovers who sweat it out day by day. A dry shampoo may also help to handle sweat and greasy take care of exercising with out washing hair instantly.

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2. Oil absorption

It is efficient in absorbing extra oil and sebum from the scalp, says the professional. It could profit folks with oily scalps and seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp when washing steadily just isn’t doable.

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3. Volume and texture

It can add quantity and texture to hair, making it simpler to handle and likewise fashion. It is especially good for these with effective or flat hair.

4. Hair color upkeep

For ladies with colored hair, dry shampoo may also help keep the vibrancy of hair color by lowering the frequency of washing. Frequent hair washing can strip away color molecules, says the professional.

What are the unwanted effects of dry shampoo?

Using a dry shampoo saves water too, however its unwanted effects can’t be ignored!

1. Clogged hair follicles and build-up

Regularly utilizing it might result in product build-up, and may clog the hair follicles. This can probably result in scalp irritation, itchiness, and hair thinning or hair loss over time, says Dr Sharma. If hair follicles will get clogged, filth and oil will get trapped and probably resulting in folliculitis (hair follicle irritation).

2. Dryness

Dry shampoo can take in extra oil from the scalp. But if overused, it might additionally take in an excessive amount of pure oil, resulting in dryness and dehydration of the scalp and hair. This can lead to flakiness, dandruff, and brittle hair.

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3. Residue

Dry shampoo can go away a visual residue on the hair, particularly if not utilized and massaged correctly. This residue could make the hair seem boring, powdery, or discoloured, notably on darker hair color.

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4. Hair texture modifications

Using it steadily can alter the feel of the hair. It could make the hair really feel tough and stiff. This can have an effect on hair manageability and styling versatility.

5. Carcinogenic potential

High ranges of benzene, which is understood to be a carcinogen, have been present in 70 % of dry shampoo samples examined throughout a 2022 research carried out by Valisure, an impartial laboratory within the US. It additionally has dangerous elements like asbestos fibres and magnesium silicate, talc, and aluminum compounds.

A woman using dry shampoo
Know the steps to make use of dry shampoo. Image courtesy: Freepik

How to make use of a dry shampoo?

If you continue to need to give it a shot, listed here are steps to make use of a dry shampoo:

  • Before utilizing dry shampoo, shake the canister to make sure that the product is well-mixed and prepared for utility.
  • Divide your hair into a number of sections by utilizing a comb or your fingers. This makes it simpler to use the dry shampoo evenly and goal oily areas.
  • Hold the dry shampoo canister about 6 to eight inches away out of your scalp. Spray the product instantly onto the roots of your hair, specializing in oily areas. If you might be utilizing a powder kind, sprinkle a small quantity onto your fingertips and therapeutic massage it onto your scalp.
  • Use your fingertips to therapeutic massage the dry shampoo into your scalp and roots totally. This helps distribute the product evenly and ensures that it absorbs extra oil successfully.
  • Allow the dry shampoo to take a seat in your hair for a couple of minutes to soak up oil and refresh your scalp.
  • After letting the dry shampoo sit, use a brush or comb to softly brush out your hair. This helps take away any extra product and distributes it evenly all through your hair.
  • Once you’ve brushed out your hair, you’ll be able to fashion it as ordinary.
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Dry shampoo dos and don’ts

Here are some suggestions to bear in mind whereas utilizing a dry shampoo!

  • Shake the dry shampoo canister nicely earlier than use to make sure even distribution of the product.
  • Start with a small quantity of dry shampoo and regularly add extra if wanted to keep away from buildup.
  • Massage the dry shampoo into your scalp and roots totally.
  • Focus utility on the roots and oily areas of your hair for greatest outcomes.
  • Allow the dry shampoo to take a seat for a couple of minutes earlier than hair styling.
  • After letting the dry shampoo sit, brush out your hair.


  • Don’t apply an excessive amount of dry shampoo directly to stop buildup and residue.
  • Avoid spraying it from too shut. Maintain a distance of about 6 to eight inches out of your hair when spraying to keep away from concentrated utility and buildup.
  • Don’t use dry shampoo on moist hair, as dry shampoo is designed to be used on dry hair solely.
  • Don’t ignore scalp well being, and keep away from utilizing dry shampoo when you have any scalp points or irritations.
  • Don’t use it day by day. You can restrict using dry shampoo to a couple instances per week to stop extreme buildup and potential scalp points.

You can use a dry shampoo infrequently, however don’t make it a full-time substitute for cleansing your hair with shampoo and water!

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