Don’t Let Holi Leave You Sick: Tips to Beat Post-Festival Illnesses

With the pageant of colours simply across the nook, it is time to gear up for some vibrant enjoyable, and joyful celebrations. However, together with all the joy, it is important to be aware of the potential well being hazards that may include the colourful revelry.

The colours and water used throughout Holi are sometimes full of chemical substances that may trigger pores and skin allergic reactions, eye irritations, and different well being points. But don’t be concerned, we have you coated! In this weblog put up, we’ll discuss 5 widespread diseases that may occur after Holi and share some simple tricks to keep wholesome and benefit from the festivities to the fullest. So, let’s dive in and guarantee a protected and blissful Holi for everybody!

1. Derma Allergies

The artificial dyes and chemical substances current in Holi colours could cause allergic reactions on the pores and skin. Symptoms embody redness, itching, and rashes. To stop derma allergic reactions, go for pure and natural colours produced from flowers, turmeric, or henna. Apply a thick layer of moisturizer or coconut oil in your pores and skin earlier than taking part in Holi to create a barrier between your pores and skin and the colours.

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2. Respiratory Issues

Inhaling the mud and particles from dry Holi colours can irritate the respiratory tract, resulting in coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. To keep away from respiratory points, put on a masks whereas taking part in Holi, particularly in case you have bronchial asthma or different respiratory situations. Avoid areas with a excessive focus of colour mud and guarantee correct air flow if celebrating indoors.

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3. Chronic Hair Fall

The harsh chemical substances in artificial colours can injury the hair shaft, resulting in power hair fall and scalp irritation. To defend your hair, apply a beneficiant quantity of coconut or olive oil earlier than taking part in Holi. After the celebration, rinse your hair with a gentle shampoo and lukewarm water to take away the colours gently.

4. Common Cold And Influenza

During Holi, individuals typically collect in giant teams, rising the danger of spreading the widespread chilly and influenza viruses. To stop these diseases, keep away from shut contact with people who find themselves sick and observe good hand hygiene. Wash your palms continuously with cleaning soap and water earlier than consuming or touching your face.

5. Stomach Infections

Contaminated water used to play Holi or eat meals and drinks can result in abdomen infections, together with diarrhea and gastroenteritis. To stop abdomen infections, be sure that the water and meals you eat throughout Holi are clear and protected. Avoid consuming road meals or consuming water from unknown sources. Opt for packaged drinks or carry your water bottle.

What Should You Do And Avoid on Holi?

After the exuberant celebrations of Holi, it is vital to detoxify and take precautions to attenuate the danger of falling in poor health. Here are some Holi care tricks to stop extreme pores and skin and well being issues post-celebration:

  1. Wash Your Hands: After making use of gulal, wash your palms totally earlier than consuming. This easy behavior can stop the ingestion of dangerous chemical substances current within the colours.
  2. Protect Your Eyes: Avoid getting colours in your eyes, as it may well trigger itching and even result in irreversible injury. Be cautious, particularly in locations the place individuals could be intoxicated or behaving recklessly.
  3. Be Mindful of Sensitive Skin: If you’ve got delicate pores and skin liable to allergic reactions, it is best to rejoice Holi in a extra restrained method to keep away from pores and skin irritation and allergic reactions.
  4. Respiratory Health: Those with respiratory points or an inclination to catch colds ought to keep away from extended publicity to water throughout Holi celebrations to forestall exacerbating their situations.
  5. Hair Care: Women with lengthy hair ought to tie it up or cowl it with a shawl to guard it from colour injury. Wash your hair promptly after the celebrations, ideally with heat water, to take away the colours gently.
  6. Hydration: After showering post-Holi, have a cup of heat herbal-infused drink, inexperienced tea, or masala chai to assist detoxify your physique and enhance your immune system.
  7. Be Cautious with Sweets: While it is customary to supply sweets throughout Holi, be selective about what you eat to keep away from abdomen points. Choose properly and keep away from consuming sweets that will have been provided to you in unhygienic situations.
  8. Avoid Bhang: Be aware of drinks containing bhang, a preparation produced from hashish plant leaves, which is throughout Holi. If you might be uncertain, it is best to skip such drinks to keep away from any negative effects.
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Prioritize well being and security throughout Holi by being conscious of potential dangers and taking preventive measures. Use pure colours, defend pores and skin and hair, observe good hygiene, and keep hydrated for a contented and wholesome celebration.

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