Choosing the Best Electrolyte Powder for Your Needs

When it comes to selecting one of the best electrolyte powder, there are such a lot of selections that it could be exhausting to know the place to begin. At Cure Hydration, we imagine that what goes into your physique ought to work to your well being and well-being in each method. So, we compiled a short information on how to decide on one of the best electrolyte powder for you. 

But earlier than we get to speaking about electrolyte powders, let’s talk about why supplementing with electrolytes is so essential within the first place. 

What Causes Dehydration?

Up to 60% of the human physique is made up of water, with each a part of your physique containing big quantities of it (even your bones!) Water is important for a lot of, many capabilities of the physique, which incorporates regulating your temperature, serving to to eradicate waste, aiding digestion, and preserving your metabolism buzzing alongside. 

Dehydration occurs when the physique doesn’t have sufficient water and electrolytes to operate the best way it ought to. Losing as little as 1% of your complete water quantity can result in you being dehydrated.

Even when it’s gentle, dehydration can have many results on the physique. In the start levels of dehydration, you may really feel drained, sluggish, and have mind fog. You can also expertise thirst, have darker-than-usual urine, really feel a sooner coronary heart price, and have a headache. 

When dehydration is extreme, you could even move out. And as a result of fluids and electrolytes are so very important to your physique’s capabilities, extreme dehydration may even result in dying.

Dehydration will be attributable to just a few components. Excessive sweating is likely one of the primary culprits, however different causes for dehydration embrace an excessive amount of solar publicity, being at excessive altitudes, and medical situations that result in vomiting and diarrhea. 

Can’t I Just Drink Water?

Water is a superb beverage to maintain you hydrated. But if you develop into dehydrated, water is not the one factor you lose. 

Important electrolytes, comparable to sodium and potassium, additionally get flushed out of the physique and have to be changed. So, if you’re dehydrated however solely ingesting pure water, your physique isn’t getting replenished with electrolytes that it desperately must operate correctly. 

In addition, ingesting plain water can truly make issues worse. If you lose water and electrolytes, however solely drink water to rehydrate, you may truly upset the stability of electrolytes in your physique. 

This can result in you feeling nauseous, brain-fogged, and even offer you muscle cramps. For this cause, water by itself could not all the time be sufficient and must be complemented with electrolytes.

Can’t I Just Drink Gatorade?

Even although this drink is marketed as a “favourite” of athletes, it’s actually not that great for rehydrating. That’s as a result of it incorporates the mistaken ratio of electrolytes. Plus, it’s loaded with added sugar. 

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While you do want some sugar to rehydrate correctly, the large portions that Gatorade incorporates are merely pointless. 

There is a distinction between added sugars and pure sugars. Natural sugars are literally good for you in the proper quantities!

What’s extra, extra sugar can truly set off dehydration. This occurs as a result of water strikes out of cells to stability out the focus of sugar in your physique. And after all, an excessive amount of sugar has a whole lot of different unfavourable results on the physique which might be greatest averted. At the top of the day, Gatorade can truly be dehydrating. 

Plus, Gatorade comes packaged in plastic bottles, which is mostly horrible for the setting. More than 60 million plastic bottles find yourself in landfills every single day. That’s why it’s essential to keep away from plastic bottles and to search for electrolyte merchandise that use sustainable packaging that use 95% much less plastic than ready-to-drink drinks. 

But Isn’t Salt Bad For You?

The concept that salt is unhealthy to your well being is predicated on years of bad science. Of course, an excessive amount of of something is rarely a good suggestion. But we want some salt so as to hold ourselves not solely nicely and wholesome, however alive. 

The human physique can’t reside with out sodium. This essential electrolyte is required to transmit indicators between nerves, contract and chill out muscle fibers, and, after all, preserve hydration within the physique. That’s why you shouldn’t routinely concern salt. Plus, sure varieties of salts, like Himalayan pink salt, include wholesome minerals that enhance your well being. 

How to Choose the Best Electrolyte Powder

Check the Electrolytes

Many electrolyte powders will include the mistaken ratio of electrolytes. While we talked about that sodium is an especially essential electrolyte to your physique, you continue to don’t need to get too a lot of it. Plus, sodium and potassium have to be balanced within the appropriate ratio. 

For that cause, it’s essential to verify for the proper stability of electrolytes. 

Other issues to be careful for embrace artificial components comparable to potassium citrate. It’s all the time greatest to go for electrolytes of their most pure state, such because the potassium that naturally happens in coconut water

In addition to being a pure ingredient, coconut water additionally incorporates sodium, chloride, and even small quantities of glucose which might be wanted to assist your physique rehydrate sooner. 

Check the Ingredients

Staying well-hydrated is an important a part of well being and wellness. But many electrolyte powders will be counterproductive to your backside line by including synthetic sweeteners and added sugars. 

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Artificial sweeteners are one other favourite of electrolyte powders. The reasoning right here is that by lowering the quantity of sugar in a product, it routinely turns into wholesome. While sugar is one thing that it is best to keep away from in excessive quantities, you really want some naturally-occurring glucose to rehydrate shortly. 

Artificial sweeteners have been proven to extend your blood sugar and insulin ranges, which might result in all types of uncomfortable side effects, comparable to elevated meals cravings and decreased power. 

For this cause, it’s tremendous essential to verify the ingredient record and to ensure that the electrolyte powder you select doesn’t include any synthetic components and is constructed from all-natural components. 

Cure makes use of a mix of pure sugar alternate options together with Organic Stevia Extract and Monk Fruit that incorporates no energy. Stevia leaf extract is born from the candy leaves of the stevia plant and Monk Fruit is a vine-ripened fruit native to Asia that helps spherical out the flavour in order that there is no such thing as a bitter aftertaste.

Despite the frequent false impression, stevia just isn’t a synthetic sweetener! In order to extract the pure sweetness of the stevia plant, its leaves are harvested, dried, after which steeped in scorching water. The ensuing extract combination is then filtered, purified, and dried to create a crystalized extract which we use in our formulation. Since stevia is far sweeter than sugar (about 200 occasions sweeter, in truth), we solely want to make use of a really small quantity in every serving of Cure.

Watch Out for Sugar

Some electrolyte powders also can include tons of added sugar. First of all, this provides empty energy that don’t have any dietary advantages. This is particularly true in the event you’re supplementing with electrolytes after understanding for health and weight reduction. 

And apart from that, the hazards of extra sugar are well-known. Consuming an excessive amount of sugar can promote tooth decay, elevate insulin ranges, and even trigger irritations in your physique. It’s completely fantastic in small quantities, however it is best to attempt to keep away from any extra. So, ensure that your electrolyte powder incorporates simply the correct quantity of it

To Caffeine or Not to Caffeine?

Caffeine is usually a nice increase to an electrolyte powder. Caffeine has been proven to spice up cognition by growing alertness and focus ranges. And after all, something that offers us extra power is sweet information for our exercises.

However, some electrolyte powders use artificial caffeine to perform this aim. While from a chemical standpoint, pure and artificial caffeine are the identical, the reality is that caffeine in its pure type incorporates hundreds of helpful nutritional vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and different compounds. Synthetic caffeine leaves out all these advantages.

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In addition, the quantity of caffeine that some electrolyte powders have is typically an excessive amount of and might trigger you to really feel jittery and to expertise the dreaded “crash.” For this cause, some electrolyte powders are making the swap over to matcha powder

Matcha is made by taking the entire inexperienced tea leaf and grinding it down right into a powder. It incorporates big quantities of helpful compounds, comparable to antioxidants, which work to guard the physique from air pollution, radiation, and chemical substances that we encounter every day. 

Another superb factor about matcha is its capability to cut back stress, which is due to the amino acid L-theanine. Buddhist monks have recognized about this for millennia, ingesting matcha to enhance focus and quietness. For this cause, matcha is nice for growing power ranges with out leaving you on-edge. 

So, when electrolyte powders, ensure that it has the proper sort and quantity of caffeine for you. 

And Don’t Forget About the Flavor!

If you may’t fathom the considered chugging a bottle of “Glacier Freeze” to get your day by day dose of electrolytes, then taste is one thing else that it is best to take into account when selecting one of the best electrolyte powder for you. 

This is sensible as a result of we don’t all the time crave the identical factor on a regular basis. On a scorching summer time day, it’s your decision a tart, citrusy drink, whereas on one other, one thing extra candy and clean could do the job. Variety is the spice of life and it could additionally result in higher well being and wellness. 

At Cure, we imagine you should not should sacrifice good style for good-for-you components. Try certainly one of our flavors at the moment to see how tasty hydrating will be! 


As you may see, there are a lot of choices that go into choosing one of the best electrolyte powder for you. It’s essential to contemplate not solely the ratio of electrolytes, however to additionally ensure that your electrolyte powder is freed from added sugars and synthetic components. 

And, after all, choosing your favourite flavors is simply as essential! Just like something that goes into your physique, your electrolyte powder ought to give you the results you want in each method.


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