Avoid These 9 Summer Skincare Mistakes to Achieve Healthier Skin

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Summer brings its personal set of challenges as your pores and skin suffers from an excessive amount of solar publicity. This can lead to varied pores and skin points, equivalent to sunburn and wrinkles. But you may shield your pores and skin by avoiding some widespread errors. Some solar publicity is alright as a result of it aids the physique in producing vitamin D, though extreme daylight may be dangerous. Once you recognize the errors to keep away from, you may personalise your skincare routine, making your pores and skin glow and protecting it wholesome.

Here is the listing of 9 commonest summer season skincare errors to keep away from for wholesome and radiant pores and skin.

9 Common Skincare Mistakes   

1. Not Cleansing Enough 

Maintaining clear pores and skin all through the day may be robust, particularly throughout the summer season. Additionally, sweat and grime can clog your pores. Wash your face a minimum of two occasions every day, even when indoors. Incorporate mild cleansers into your morning and night routines. Consider utilizing our Refreshing Face Wash with Pro-Vit B5 + Vit E. This is a 100% soap-free face wash that’s mild and can be utilized every day. It doesn’t dry out your pores and skin, and due to the addition of Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E, it retains your pores and skin nourished and easy.

2. Not Applying Sunscreen 

Sunscreen is not simply one of many summer season skincare ideas. It’s an important pores and skin well being behavior. Sun’s UV rays have the potential to break your pores and skin. However, discovering the best sunscreen may be difficult. It is really helpful to decide on a delicate, gel-based sunscreen like our Simple Kind to Skin Gel Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++. This is a light-weight, no white solid sunscreen that’s excellent for summer season. What’s extra, it’s appropriate for all pores and skin sorts.

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3. Not Moisturising 

Moisturising is among the main summer season skincare necessities. It ensures your pores and skin stays nourished and resilient. Dry pores and skin can result in discomfort and pores and skin harm. Moisturiser alleviates all these points and retains your pores and skin hydrated and supple. Use our Hydrating Light Moisturiser for finest outcomes. It supplies all-day hydration and is appropriate for all pores and skin sorts. It is enriched with Borage Seed Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Vitamin E and is definitely absorbed into your pores and skin with a non-greasy texture.

4. Not Hydrating Enough 

During scorching climate or solar publicity, your physique can lose water quickly, leaving your pores and skin uninteresting and weak. Dehydration not solely dulls your pores and skin however may also worsen sunburns and velocity up ageing. Staying hydrated is essential, and consuming loads of water all through the day is significant.

5. Following Face Care And Not Skincare 

One widespread mistake in skincare routine is specializing in the face whereas neglecting different uncovered areas just like the neck and palms. Remember, it is not simply your face that wants safety. Your neck, palms, arms, and ft additionally mirror the well being of your pores and skin. Proper cleaning, moisturising, exfoliating, and solar safety are important.

6. Not Exfoliating Enough 

Exfoliation is usually related to winter skincare routines to take away dry pores and skin. However, it is important year-round. Adding common exfoliation to your summer season skincare routine is essential. It helps eradicate grime, mud, and micro organism accumulating deep inside the pores and skin. Use our Simple Active Skin Barrier Care Smoothing Gel Cleanser to lock in that much-needed moisture. Packed with 5% Lactic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid, this cleanser helps in offering extra even-toned pores and skin. Our particular method boasts 7% Ceramide boosters to fortify your pores and skin’s pure defenses as nicely.

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7. Wrong Order Of Using Skincare 

What occurs in case you construct a home with a roof as an alternative of a sturdy basis? It is a recipe for catastrophe, is not it? Skincare works a lot the identical approach. Applying merchandise within the incorrect order can result in confusion and scale back their effectiveness. Your expensive serums would possibly battle to penetrate heavy lotions, or sunscreen might get trapped below nighttime moisturisers. You ought to know the proper order—cleaning, firming, serum utility, moisturising. Finally, seal the cope with sunscreen.

8. Wearing Heavy Makeup 

Opt for a lighter make-up routine this summer season for a contemporary, pure look. Thick layers of make-up, particularly in scorching, sweaty situations, can clog pores and result in breakouts. So maintain your make-up gentle and focus extra on skincare all through summer season.

9. Ignoring Your Neck 

Don’t overlook your neck in your skincare routine. Neglecting this space is a standard but vital mistake. The delicate pores and skin in your neck is liable to ageing. By giving your neck the eye it deserves, you may keep a youthful look.


We have all made one or the opposite mistake with skincare, particularly in summer season. Sticking to an everyday skincare routine is essential. The solar and warmth can mess up our pores and skin if we aren’t cautious. So, keep away from these 9 widespread errors to maintain your pores and skin wholesome. Do your homework and at all times examine what’s in your skincare merchandise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:2 Is pores and skin more healthy in summer season?

A. Absolutely! Summer’s nice climate, elevated moisture, and solar publicity can enhance pores and skin situation. However, a correct skincare routine remains to be essential throughout the season.

Q:3 How to make pores and skin glow in summer season?

A. To make your pores and skin glow in summer season, keep hydrated, exfoliate repeatedly, use a light-weight moisturizer, apply sunscreen every day, eat a balanced eating regimen, and incorporate vitamin C serums into your skincare routine.

Q:4 In which season our pores and skin is finest?

A. Spring and autumn are optimum seasons for the pores and skin. They present mild local weather situations and a possibility to experiment with varied skincare merchandise.

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