13 Reasons You Should Brew A Cup Of Dandelion Tea

It’s time to have a look at your garden in a brand new method. Where you as soon as noticed simply an invasion of weeds, now it’s best to envision a potent cocktail of nutrient-rich compounds, as a result of the well being advantages of dandelion tea shouldn’t be ignored.

Native to Europe, dandelions crossed the Atlantic with European immigrants 4 centuries in the past, they usually have taken over tens of millions of backyards since then. But this bane of many landscaper’s existences is bursting with well being advantages for these enlightened sufficient to eat it.

In truth, dandelions had been prized for their medicinal properties over a thousand years in the past. Their roots and leaves include important quantities of nutritional vitamins and hint minerals, making them a confirmed strategy to enhance your nutrient ranges and restore well being to your physique.

Today this backyard weed is getting rediscovered, and dandelion tea is quick turning into a favourite strategy to detoxify your physique, cut back bloating and constipation, soothe an upset abdomen and even decrease your threat of illness.

Should you add this underrated weed to your food regimen? Keep studying to study extra!

What is Dandelion Tea?

As the identify implies, dandelion tea is constituted of infusing dandelion roots, leaves, or blossoms in sizzling water to launch their helpful compounds into it.

Your tea will fluctuate in taste and dietary worth relying on the portion of the plant you employ. For instance, dandelion root tends to be finest for treating liver illnesses, the leaves work for the kidneys, and the flowers provide probably the most delicate taste and advantages.

Not fascinated by harvesting your personal greens? You also can buy organic dandelion tea bags to nonetheless benefit from the well being advantages.

13 Health Benefits of Drinking Dandelion Tea

If you will get your style buds previous the marginally bitter taste, you’ll open your physique as much as a world of advantages by sipping on dandelion tea

1. Good Source of Nutrients

Infusing dandelion greens in water fills the brew with calcium, iron, potassium, nutritional vitamins Okay, A, and B6, in addition to riboflavin and thiamin. You’ll additionally get a lift of antioxidant flavonoids like carotene and lutein.

Better but, you’ll be able to eat the leaves themselves! Ounce for ounce, they’ve increased dietary worth than each spinach and broccoli.

2. Keep Diabetes in Check

Studies show that sipping on dandelion tea can decrease your blood sugar ranges, which is vital for protecting diabetes in test. Though the analysis remains to be underway to find out the long-term advantages for diabetic sufferers, these preliminary outcomes are promising.

3. Caffeine Free Coffee Alternative

Sick of in search of out espresso at each lull in your day? Roasted dandelion root tea affords a satisfying, caffeine-free different that appears and tastes much like the actual factor. You’ll get a robust enhance of antioxidants and minerals with out the inevitable power crash that comes with espresso.

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4. Reduces Inflammation

Chronic irritation could cause a bunch of undesirable well being signs, together with aching joints, muscle tenderness, and even complications. Dandelion tea’s antioxidants work as anti-inflammatory brokers to cut back ache and swelling in contaminated tissue to maintain you comfy.

5. Reduces Water Weight

Tired of feeling bloated? Dandelion tea acts as a pure diuretic that may improve your urination frequency so that you just lose a few of your water content material. One study confirmed that two 1-cup servings had been all it took to get the participant’s system’s flowing sooner.

6. Helps You Lose Weight

Evidence from a Korean study reveals that dandelions is likely to be as efficient as the load loss drug Orlistat. How does it accomplish this? Dandelion leaves can naturally inhibit pancreatic lipase, which is an enzyme your physique releases throughout digestion that places your dietary fats into long-term storage in your physique. This implies that the brew might help stop your physique from clinging to fats with the intention to lose it sooner.

7. Prevents Chronic Diseases

Thanks to the potent mix of antioxidants that it comprises, a cup of dandelion tea might help your physique combat off free radicals, which minimizes oxidative stress that may result in most cancers and different persistent ailments. Likewise, these antioxidants assist strengthen your immune system to cut back your threat of contracting an an infection.

8. Soothes Digestive Ailments

Rather a lot can go improper along with your digestive system at present, however dandelion tea acts as a pure diuretic, digestive stimulant, and delicate laxative to maintain issues functioning as they need to. This implies that a cup of tea after a meal can velocity up the digestive course of, eradicate constipation, and cut back cramps and bloating.

9. Promotes Liver Health

This basic liver tonic of folks drugs has scientific analysis to again up centuries of use. Dandelion tea is believed to extend the circulation of bile in your liver, that means that it might assist detoxify the liver and cut back signs of liver illness. Research from China Pharmaceutical University even reveals that the pure polysaccharides in dandelions can enhance liver functioning.

10. Potential Cancer-Fighting Properties

Initial results from studies of dandelion’s talents to fend off most cancers are promising, as they reveal that the plant’s root extract can kill cancerous melanoma cells with out harming wholesome ones. The antioxidants additionally naturally combat towards the free radical injury that may result in most cancers cells within the first place. So go brew a cup to your well being

11. Helps Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

Due to dandelion tea’s pure diuretic results, it makes an efficient therapy for urinary tract infections, particularly when paired with the herb bearberry (uva ursi). Increased urination from the tea will work to scrub out your kidneys, making it more durable for an an infection to develop.

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12.  Builds Strong Bones

Thanks to the hint minerals like calcium, zinc, magnesium, and iron it comprises, dandelion tea provides what your physique must create sturdy bones and fend off osteoporosis. This is very necessary as you age, as bone mineral density naturally begins to lower with out constant supplementation.

13.  Boosts Circulation

Dandelion tea’s wealthy iron content material gives your physique with quite a few advantages, together with higher blood circulation. This improves your crimson blood cell counts and ensures that your complete physique stays completely oxygenated.

How To Collect Your Own Dandelions

Foraging for wild dandelions for a home made well being tonic may sound like an journey, however your tea may include extra herbicides than well being advantages for those who aren’t cautious concerning the supply of your provide. Keep in thoughts that not all dandelions develop in optimum circumstances, so keep away from any crops prone to be contaminated by roadside air pollution or weed killer. Open areas in wooded areas are normally a secure guess, in addition to your yard for those who preserve it naturally. Regardless, be sure to completely wash every plant you harvest simply to be secure.

Dandelion leaves are usually picked in spring when they’re most tender, whereas the roots are typically sweetest when harvested within the fall or winter. When in search of out high quality dandelion greens, choose the youngest, tenderest leaves for the least bitter brew. They ought to final for as much as every week within the fridge for those who retailer them in a damp paper towel.

Harvesting the roots would require digging down deep sufficient to drag out the whole taproot, which normally has a number of stems coming off from it. After the basis is completely washed, you need to use it as is or sluggish roast it at 300 levels for 2 hours to make dandelion ‘coffee’.

Remember to not accumulate all the dandelions for your self. Dandelions act as one of many first meals for the bees in spring so be sure yo go away lots for these great creatures to get pleasure from.

How To Make Dandelion Tea

Making dandelion tea couldn’t be less complicated. Just pour sizzling water over small items of sliced greens or roasted root and let it steep till it reaches your most well-liked energy (normally 5 to 10 minutes) earlier than straining out the plant materials and having fun with the drink.

Dandelion tea is normally finest loved recent. If the pure brew is just too bitter for you, serve it with a slice of lemon or sweeten it with honey to take the sting off.

You also can dry out the leaves to increase their shelf life. It’s potential to make use of a dehydrator, an oven set to 250 levels Fahrenheit, and even the solar’s warmth on a sweltering day. Once the leaves or roots are completely dried out, you’ll be able to retailer them in hermetic glass jars in a cool, dry place out of daylight.

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Possible Side Effects of Dandelion Tea

Though most medical specialists contemplate dandelion tea to be secure, there are some rare side effects to concentrate on.

Some folks endure from abdomen aches and diarrhea, seemingly as a result of weed’s pure laxative results. Others sometimes expertise allergic reactions to the plant, and a few prescription medicines (like Cipro) can work together with it. Likewise, dandelion inexperienced’s excessive vitamin Okay content material could make your blood clot sooner, which may result in problems for those who’re taking blood thinners.

If you aren’t certain the way you’ll react to dandelion tea, it’s finest to begin with a small cup whereas at residence with the intention to gauge your response in a secure house. It’s additionally a good suggestion to speak along with your physician earlier than consuming the tea frequently to see if it’ll have an effect on any of your common medicines.

Too Many Dandelions? Other Ways to Put Them to Use

When it involves wholesome makes use of for dandelion greens, dandelion tea is just the start.

You can contemplate these wild greens to be like spinach or arugula and put them to make use of in a wide range of recipes, together with as a salad ingredient, sandwich, or sautéed facet dish. Just remember that the bitter taste of untamed greens can overwhelm the flavour profile of a recipe, so that you may need to mix them with a milder vegetable to maintain issues balanced.

Below are some recipe concepts to behave as inspiration.

  • Mix recent basil with dandelion greens for an antioxidant-filled pesto variation.
  • Saute dandelion greens for a seafood topper so as to add some zest to blander styles of fish.
  • Boost the dietary profile of your morning smoothie by tossing in a handful of tender dandelion greens.
  • Incorporate the greens right into a vegetable broth with mushrooms and white miso for a lightweight summer time soup.
  • Make “dandelion chips” by dousing the greens with oil and sea salt earlier than drying them out at 350ºF for eight to 10 minutes till crispy for a scrumptious different to the fried potato selection.

Start experimenting with recipes for dandelion leaves at present, and also you’ll quickly discover dozens of how to include them into your common meals. In no time in any respect, you’ll utterly remodel your earlier views about this pesky weed and start to hunt it out for its health-boosting properties.

Looking for extra methods to make use of dandelions? Take a have a look at our complete information: 25 Reasons You Should Go & Pick Dandelions Right Now

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