10 Bold & Beautiful Essential Oil Necklaces So You Can Carry Your Favorite Scent Anywhere

Marrying kind and efficiency, vital oil diffuser necklaces are incredible for providing on-the-spot therapeutic discount in a gorgeously designed amulet.

Donning a piece of diffuser jewelry has an a variety of benefits:

Aromatherapy Essential oils have been used for 1000’s of years to naturally soothe the physique, ideas, and soul. Derived from the roots, flowers, bark, fruits, seeds, and leaves of vegetation, botanical oils embody concentrated aromatic compounds that, when inhaled, stimulate the thoughts for immediate discount. It is a safe and environment friendly treatment with so very many capabilities.

Relief on the go – Portability is definitely one in all diffuser jewelry’s finest choices – use it as a stopgap when out and about to appease anxiousness, instantly relieve ache, quell a sore throat, ease stress, calm your allergic reactions, maintain your hormones in steadiness, give your thoughts a raise, and even to help curb cravings to drop kilos.

Smell heavenly – It’s no secret that vital oils emit an exquisite scent. Pick a favorite or experiment with mixing your particular person blends. You will scent excellent, and with out exposing your self to any of the toxic chemicals current in standard perfumes and cologne.

It’s thrifty – Because EOs are absorbed quickly when utilized to the pores and pores and skin, dabbing your wrists sooner than you head out acquired’t maintain the scent going for very prolonged. A diffuser necklace, nonetheless, desires solely a drop or a lot much less on daily basis to maintain up the aroma – guaranteeing the bottle lasts a whole lot longer, notably in case you identical to the pricey stuff.

So with out extra ado, we’ve rounded up a number of of our prime picks in diffuser necklaces which might be daring, gorgeous, and smart.

10 Beautiful Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklaces

1. Tree of Life Locket

Depicting a cut back out of a formidable tree, this stainless-steel locket style vital oil necklace accommodates eleven cotton rounds in numerous colors to supply a pleasing backdrop for the tree. To use, open the magnetic enclosure and place a drop of oil on the pad.

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Get further information and see the worth of the Tree of Life Locket here.

2. Terra Cotta Pendant

Because terra cotta readily absorbs oils and distributes the scent slowly over time, it makes for an exquisite vital oil necklace supplies. This hand crafted pendant is painted in sea foam inexperienced with intricate thrives on the doorway, whereas the once more is unglazed so you could add your favorite vital oil. To use, apply a drop of oil to the once more of the pendant and offers it about one minute to totally take up sooner than inserting it on. The provided wax cotton wire is completely adjustable so you could placed on it prolonged or fast.

Get further information and see the worth of the Terra Cotta Pendant here.

3. Lava Beads Necklace

Made from cooled down volcanic rock, lava beads have a porous and pitted ground that is good for the sluggish and even diffusion of vital oils. This necklace is a simple and classy design, with a stainless steel chain that choices 5 black lava stones, balanced by measurement.

Get further information and see the worth of the Lava Beads Necklace here.

4. Twisted Lava Bead Locket

Proffering up a novel deal with an vital oil necklace, this one is hand crafted in twisted white Okay plated copper formed proper right into a see-through locket. Remove the chain to open up the locket and place inside definitely one in all six spherical lava stones, colored in white, black, yellow, purple, light blue, and darkish blue.

Get further information and see the worth of the Twisted Lava Bead Locket here.

5. Triangular Lava Rock Pendant

A minimalist design that features a triangle fashioned lava rock, this vital oil necklace is certainly versatile enough to look equally inconceivable alongside along with your casual, expert, and evening wardrobes.

Get further information and see the worth of the Triangle Lava Rock Pendant here.

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6. “Be Still” Flat Plate Locket

Engraved with the inspirational “Be Still” message on a flat stainless-steel plate, this diffuser necklace has a magnetic enclosure that contains the scent pad. The 16 inch chain moreover comes with a 4 inch extender in case you like your necklaces on the longer side.

Get further information and see the worth of the “Be Still” Locket here.

7. Filigree Locket

An ornate filigree design, this diffuser locket is on the market in silver, classic bronze, and classic silver finishes. The snap enclosure holds the scent pads in place. Worn extra prolonged, the alloy chain spans 30 inches.

Get further information and see the worth of the Filigree Locket here.

8. Monogrammed Alphabet Pendant

Available in all 26 letters of the alphabet, this magnetic stainless-steel locket comes with eleven scent pads in a number of hues so you could mix and match colors relying in your mood.

Get further information and see the worth of the Monogram Pendant here.

9. Locket in Kid Friendly Designs

Because your children might want some aromatherapy on the go too, these locket diffusers might be present in numerous baby nice designs, spanning the Batman signal, dolphins, horses, owls, paw prints, soccer balls, elephants, and kitty cats.

Choose a Kids Locket here.  

10. Celtic Cross Locket

A further gender neutral locket design, the Celtic cross locket is manly enough for guys to get their aromatherapy restore as successfully. Fashioned out of pewter, it comes on an adjustable black waxed wire.

Get further information and see the worth of the Celtic Cross Locket here.

How to Make Your Own Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

For suave types, DIYing an aromatherapy necklace is pleasing, economical, and allows you to fiddle with fully completely different shapes and kinds.

Clay Bead Necklace – Using oven-bake polymer clay (which is available in a rainbow of colors), sculpt the clay into spherical beads or a tear drop kind, and use a toothpick to make holes for the necklace wire. Once hardened, string them up and add your vital oil.

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Clay Pendant Necklace – Favoring air dry clay, this DIY reveals simple strategies to make a spherical pendant which you’ll personalize with stamps or completely different designs molded into the ground.

Locket Style Necklace – As frugal as a result of it should get, this locket diffuser is likely to be made for decrease than $1 each. You’ll need spiral cage pendants, a necklace chain, and your collection of lava beads or wool balls.

Where To Buy Essential Oils For Your Diffuser Necklace

For your aromatherapy necklace, you merely desire a drop or two of vital oil – however it absolutely’s essential you choose a high quality, 100% pure vital oil that’s free of parts and adulterants. It’s moreover smart to have various fully completely different oils to try all by means of the day. In the morning it might be smart to resolve on an uplifting oil or mixture of oils whereas inside the evening it might be a better thought to resolve on an oil with stress-free or calming properties.

Our go-to suppliers of high quality vital oils is Plant Therapy Essential Oils. Their oils are 100% pure, cheap and they also present free supply contained in the US and free returns for as a lot as 90 days after purchase in case you aren’t totally glad.

Browse their selection of pure essential oils here and choose which you’d like in order so as to add to your assortment.

You might choose to take a look at their Synergy Essential Oils which are ready-made blends of vital oils that work collectively to create an impression that is stronger than the individual oils. These Synergy Blends are good for aromatherapy necklaces and numerous the most well liked embody Clarity, Energy and Relax. Browse all Synergy Blends here.

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